“X” marks the spot

I’ve been busy making more house blocks–and of course more stars. What started out as a wonky log cabin morphed into a house. And you can’t make just one…

Wonky Log Cabin Houses

Wonky Log Cabin Houses

Along with my houses and stars, I made a few ‘X” blocks, just for filler. They’re really simple. I made a few then trimmed them up to 4″ unfinished. I found it worked best if I started with a 5″ square, and then inserted strips that were approximately 7″ long and about 1″ to 1-1/2″ wide, and cut with a bit of an angle.


Look how cute they look when they’re all in a row:

crisscrossI really love my design wall. It’s so easy to put my parts and pieces up on it, and they stick! Not a one has fallen off and I’ve had them up there all week. I’ve started to play with a few arrangements, but I’m not ready to sew anything together yet. See those big blocks of green under the houses? I’m auditioning some colors for a curvy grass hill.


In my last post I mentioned that there were several things I’d change in my new and improved version–so here’s a few:

1. I think some of the blocks are too big. It’s more piecing (more work!), but I like the look of smaller pieces. Specifically, I think a few of the log cabin type blocks have strips that are simply too wide, and the blocks got too big too fast. Hence the wonky log cabins that turned into houses!

2. I missed with the contrast in the orange/turquoise shoo fly blocks. In other words, there isn’t any! If you’re up close and personal with the quilt you can see the the blocks, but otherwise they get lost.

3. Too many of my fabric choices are muddy or have grey in them.  Overall, the quilt is a little darker than I’d like. So this time I’m trying harder to use “pure” color.

I arranged my blocks in columns in my first quilt. I think that’s an easy way to make everything fit if its the first time you’ve ever done something like this. This time I’m working with rows–not much different–but somehow seems a better fit for my house obsession.

🙂 It’s getting warmer here in Michigan. Thankfully, the snow is almost gone.




2 responses to ““X” marks the spot

  1. I love the black/white background fabric behind the bright pink and green house. It really stands out.
    Which one is the shoo fly block?
    Thanks for doing this as it is already so different from my original quilt.
    Your quilt so far looks like a crazy housing development.

  2. Hi Myrna,
    The critique is based on my first wonky quilt–shared in the previous post. The shoo fly blocks are orange on turquoise–just hard to see!

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