Sew Wonky

whole_quiltThere! It’s done! Not really–this is a picture of my first wonky quilt. I shared this last week at our in-store seminar, and thought some of you might want an “end-game” picture.

Even though I love this quilt, I see a lot of things that I could change. I won’t go into detail on that for now; let me know if you’d like me to share my critique! But like every great artist who often painted a series of paintings, (lot’s of tongue in cheek with that comment) I think I just need to make more wonky quilts. I hung this one on the wall here in Michigan–it’s amazing what it does to cheer the place up!

I managed to hang up my design wall–I just love it! It’s a great size: 60″ x 72″ with grommets across the top. It is recommended to hang it on your wall with adhesive hooks, but I went the distance and put a few nails in the wall. If you want a design wall of your own, we have them in the store. I think a design wall is a must for this type of quilt. Right now I’ve just plopped my pieces up on the wall–I’m sure I’ll play with arranging them multiple times.


I don’t have as many parts and pieces done as I’d like (you can blame the IRS for the delay), so I think I’ll treat myself to a marathon sew session this weekend. Join me! I’ll post some new blocks soon. — Karen


5 responses to “Sew Wonky

  1. Love the new quilt, but something seems a little off to me. Colors are a little off to me. Maybe too much white space. Anyway, I loved the seminar and was there with my buddy from Buhl. We started collecting fat quarters of blacks and whites that day, and are planning on building a dual stash for each of us to draw from. I am astounded at how FEW “pure” colors I actually had! It will be fun buying fat quarters in bright and cheery colors! Thank you so much for this super fun idea – I see this in our grandbabies’ rooms! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep the pictures coming and I’d love to read your own critique.

  2. Loved your class so much! I came home and pulled out all of my brights and got everything ready to go. Had a crazy week but I’m hoping to make some blocks this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Lesley Gilbert

    I love your WONKY quilt and would like to know how you made it and put it all together. I want to made a wall hanging for my niece who has moved to a new home and I want it to be funky and have at least one wonky house in it, so I shall keep my eye on your design wall to see how your latest dabblings come along ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I would love to hear (read) your critique. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. SEW fun!!!! Thanks for the class. I can cross that off my bucket list and now make the wonky quilt I have been collecting brights and black and whites for since you put that quilt up in your store years ago. Then I can cross that off my bucket list too but am sure I will want to make many more wonky bright projects!

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