Champagne Brunch


The Boise area has been void of sunshine for awhile, thanks to an inversion that settled in and decided to take up residence.  Earlier this week, the inversion cleared and we were treated to our normal gorgeous Idaho blue skies.  As I sat and soaked up the sun pouring in my living room windows, I thought to myself, “I can do this!  We’re halfway through January.  I can survive the rest of winter.”  Then my mind wondered to spring and all that comes with it:   blue skies, warm sunshine, flowers popping out of the ground, the sound of kids playing outside, picnics in the park.  I started to wonder how I was ever going to make it until spring.


Then I saw this quilt at Quilt Expressions.  “Champagne Brunch” is a gorgeous blend of all of the colors of spring, complete with the sky blue and sunshine yellow we’re all craving.   It’s so bright and cheery that it’s impossible to think dark winter thoughts.   Wouldn’t this be a perfect project to start now and have ready for when the warm weather arrives?


“Champagne Brunch” is made with the Mimosa collection from Another Point of View and Bethany Fuller’s Champagne Brunch pattern.  The finished quilt is 56″ x 56.”  The kit includes the pattern, plus material for the quilt top and binding.

To purchase the kit, click here.

To view the Mimosa collection, click here.


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