International Quilt Market 2014 ~ Day Three


I remember “reading” picture books to my kids when they were little.  There were no words…just pictures.  The goal was to tell the story as you saw it in the photos.  The series of photos above remind me of those picture books.

“It was early in Houston, TX.  The sun had just started to rise on a warm, muggy morning.  Karen, Della, and Katie made their way down the street to the Convention Center.  Along the way, they passed a delightful sight.  Starbucks!  After they had finished their delicious, hot cups of caffeine, the day just seemed so much brighter!”


Day three of Quilt Market is a busy one!  We spend the day before walking down each aisle, looking at all of the products and services offered.  When Market closes for the day, we sit down, pour out the multiple bags of literature we’ve collected and decide what we want to give a second look to the next day.  Very few purchases are made on day two.

We started day three with a list of booths we wanted to visit.  We met with some of our reps, who showed us collection after collection.  Photo #2 above shows the pile of collections Karen looked through in just one booth.  Decisions are made and out come the order forms.  It’s a strange feeling because, for the most part, we aren’t buying anything that will arrive in the store in the near future.  Most of our purchases today won’t arrive at Quilt Expressions until sometime between January and June 2015.  We bought a couple of Halloween and Christmas lines…for the 2015 holiday season.

As we walked through the aisles today, I tried to focus on the textures created with fabric.  As you look through today’s photos, pay close attention to just what can be accomplished with fabric and/or quilting.

(All photos were taken at International Quilt Market; to increase the size of the photos, please click on the collage.)





I spent the last half hour of Market today next door at the Quilt Show.  They are celebrating their 40th year, and they are doing it in style!  I’m including a few photos of the gorgeous quilts I saw in that short period of time.  Not all of the quilts can be photographed…I wish I could have shared all of them with you.

market7When you walk into the show, this is the first sight that you see…beautifully made red and white quilts from the floor to the ceiling.

market8One of my favorite uses for technology in the store is using the camera on my cell phone to take a photo of a customer’s fabric collection.  When you try to look at a group of fabric, you also see all of the other colors around you in the room.  With a photo, you can crop out all of the other bolts of fabric, finished quilts, etc., and really see how those fabrics will look together.  Another great way to use cameras in quilting is to take a photo and then change it to black and white.  It’s a fantastic way to see if you’re obtaining the contrast you’re striving for.  Just for fun, I changed the original photo to black and white.  Even devoid of color, these quilts are amazing!





These are a few quilts from the “Reflections” display.

market13 Finally, as the doors were closing, I passed a wall covered with large photos of quilts displayed on buildings or monuments with historical significance.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.  We hope that you are enjoying sharing our Market experience with us.  Tomorrow, we’ll spend part of the day at Market and then head to the airport.  We land just before midnight, so the final Market post might be a day late.

I almost forgot!  Our Fitbit total for the day was 35,780 steps.  There’s a whole lot of walking going on!


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  1. You guys are having too much fun or is that even possible??

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