International Quilt Market 2014 – Day One

All photos were taken at International Quilt Market.

It took some pretty good planning on Karen’s part, but her plane from Michigan and our plane from Boise landed within minutes of each other in Houston Thursday evening.  We were met in front of the airport by our favorite taxi driver, Bernard.  We spent the drive to the hotel catching up on his life and being entertained by stories of his children.  He’s been the driver of choice for several years now, and we consider him the friendly face that greets us in Houston.  A bit of unpacking and a restful night followed, and then it was time for school.

School?  Yes, the first day of Market is called Schoolhouse.  After a much needed cup of coffee, we headed to the Convention Center to sit through fourteen sessions.  The topics vary from new collections, patterns and books; marketing strategies; trends; block-of-the-month programs and, yes, how to run a successful long-arm business.

With so many sessions to attend and topics to discuss, it’s hard to condense it in a quick blog post.  However, there is a reoccurring theme that comes to mind as I think back on the day:  What inspires you to quilt?

Our inspiration can come from so many places:  patterns, fabric collections, quilt shows, our local quilt store, or show and tell between friends and/or guilds.  We can receive inspiration from what we see around us, whether it’s something in nature like the colors of a sunset or something we encounter in our daily life, like the tile pattern on a motel floor.  We can also be inspired by how quilting makes us feel.  There’s something so special about working on a quilt for a loved one; we put such thought and care into choosing the perfect pattern, fabric, quilting design.  They are never far from our thoughts as we work on the quilt.

So, since we attended school today, and, in Karen’s case, taught it, I thought I’d give you a small homework assignment.  Just a question….what inspires you to quilt?

Please feel free to share your answer either here or on Facebook.


3 responses to “International Quilt Market 2014 – Day One

  1. A quilt is not only something to keep people warm, it is also a work of art. I have many memories of my grandmother in her living room cutting pieces of colorful fabrics into interlocking pieces. All of us grandchildren benefitted by her beautiful quilts. Fifty years later, I still have my quilt from grandma and when I look at it I am inspired to create similar works of art for my children and grandchildren, hoping that they too will one day look upon their quilts with fond memories of me and the love I bestow on them through their quilts.

  2. Honestly, I love to shop for fabric, cut it up, and put it back together in new ways, but I often don’t care if it is ever quilted unless it has a special purpose. I love the feel of the fabric, the hum of my machine, the solace of activity. I love sharing with my friends and seeing new magazines and books and ideas. It feeds my mind and nurtures my soul. It is what keeps me going…

  3. For me it is the challenge of making a new pattern with picking out the fabric that will bring it to life. The joy of giving them to family is a treasure for me. I hope when I am gone they will always have the guilt to cuddle up in and know it was made with all my love.

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