These Autumn Days


“How beautifully leaves grow old.
How full of light and color are their last days.”
-John Burroughs

Autumn is that time of year here in Idaho when the long, hot days of summer have ended and nature starts to prepare for winter.  The sound of children playing in the neighborhood ends at seven, rather than ten.  Windows left open during the day are closed as the sun lowers in the western sky. The highs no longer hover near the century mark; we go from 60 to 80 and everywhere in between.   The nights are cool, the mornings brisk.  With afternoon comes the scent of sun-warmed leaves, and the colors…oh, the colors.

The City of Trees in autumn is a sight to behold.  It starts gradually, just a slight hint of color around the edge of the leaves.  Then, suddenly, it’s reds, yellows, oranges, and fading green everywhere.

Those that live here try to enjoy each and every moment; we know that winter will soon start to bite at autumn’s heals. But for awhile, we enjoy the most glorious color display nature has to offer.


“Stash Stars” brings together all of the gorgeous colors of autumn.  We’ve combined an assortment of Kona solid fabrics and Atkinson Designs’ original pattern.  The kit includes the pattern, plus fabric for the top and binding.  Click here for more information on “Stash Stars.”


3 responses to “These Autumn Days

  1. Christine McElroy

    Wow! That was well written! Perfect description of our falls! Beautiful quilt also!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this quilt. I loved your use of solids in Autumn hues. It stayed in my mind for months, and I finally let it influence my latest quilt. Please feel free to see where your inspiration led me.

  3. Sorry about this second comment, but I forgot to leave you my link !

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