Utility Apron Tutorial


My Handy Quilt Expressions’ Utility Apron

When I started working at Quilt Expressions, I soon discovered that I didn’t have enough pockets to hold everything I needed to keep close at hand.  Note pad, pen, pins, cell phone, measuring tape…I just couldn’t get it all to fit.  After seeing multiple styles of utility aprons on Pinterest, I made one that combined all of the details I wanted and my problem was solved!  These are very versatile and make great gifts for those with any hobby.

Utility Apron Tutorial

(Please read entire pattern before beginning.)

1/2″ seam, unless otherwise noted


Fabric A – Apron Body and Back Lining – 3/8 yard

Cut (2) 12.5″ (height)  x 21″ (width)

Fabric B – Pocket and Pocket Lining – 1/4 yard

Cut (2) 7″ x 21″

Fabric C – Tie,  Pocket Trim, and Hanging Tab – 1/3 yard

Trim:  cut (1) 2.5″ x 21″   Tie:  Cut (2) 4″ x Width of Fabric  Hanging Tab:  Cut (1) 2″ x 5″

*Notes:  This pattern is written using fabric that is at least 42″ wide.  If your fabric is less than 42″ wide after removing the selvage, simple adjust the width of your apron body, apron body lining, pocket, pocket lining and trim to 20″ or 19″.

If you’d like a sturdier apron, apply light fusible interfacing to the apron body, apron body lining, both tie pieces, and the hanging tab.  Apply interfacing before you begin sewing.  Use the same cutting measurements as noted above. 


Pocket Assembly: Steps One-Three

Pocket Assembly

Step One:  Lay pocket piece, pocket trim, and pocket lining on your work surface as shown above.  If your fabric is directional, make sure the fabric design on the pocket piece is top side up as you look down at it.

Step Two:  Lay pocket trim along the top edge of the pocket piece with right sides together.  Sew together.

Step Three:  Press seam open.


Pocket Assembly: Steps Four-Six

Step Four:  Lay pocket lining along the raw long edge of the pocket trim, right sides together.  Pin and sew.

Step Five:  Press seam open again.

Step Six:  Fold your finished pocket and pocket lining in half lengthwise with wrong sides together, matching the long unfinished edges of the pocket and lining.  Press.


Finishing the Pocket:  Edge stitch 1/8″ from the top of the pocket trim and along the top of the pocket piece.


Attaching the Pocket: Steps One-Three

Attaching the Pocket

Step One:  Lay the finished pocket piece on top of the right side of the apron body piece.  Match the bottom raw edge of the pocket piece with the bottom raw edge of the body piece.  Pin in place.

Step Two:  It’s time to divide the large pocket into smaller pockets.  Determine your pocket sizes based on your needs.  I like to have a small pen pocket, plus three additional pockets.  Starting from the edge of the apron, I measured in 1.5″, 6.75″, and 5″.  This creates four pockets, perfect for my needs at the store.  Mark your sewing lines with masking tape; a removable fabric pen or pencil also works well.   Sew along the lines you’ve created, backstitching at the beginning and the end each seam to set the seam.

Step Three:  Using a basting stitch and a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew around the three raw edges of the pocket.


Finishing the Apron Body: Steps One, Two and Three

Finishing the Apron Body

Step One:  Lay the apron body piece with attached pocket right side up on your working surface.  Next, lay the apron lining piece with right side down on top of the apron body, matching all raw edges.  Using a 1/2″ seam, sew around both sides and the bottom, leaving the top open.

Step Two:  Clip the corners on the diagonal.

Step Three: Trim down each side at an angle as shown above.  This helps create a nice finished corner.   Turn apron body right side out, press.


Hanging Tab: Steps One-Four

Hanging Tab

(The hanging tab is optional. It is a handy addition to half aprons.)

Step One:  Apply interfacing, if desired, to the back of the 2″ x 5″ hanging tab piece.

Step Two:  Fold tab piece in half with right sides together, creating a fold along the long edge.  Press.

Step Three:  Open fold, fold one long raw edge in to meet the fold line you just created.  Press.

Step Four:  Fold second long raw edge in to meet the fold.  Press.


Apron Utility Tab: Steps Five-Nine

Step Five:  Refold the apron tab piece on the original fold made in step two.  It will resemble double fold bias tape.  Press.

Step Six:  Edge stitch along the long open edge.

Step Seven:  Fold as shown in the third photo above.  Pin.

Step Eight:  Press the triangle-shaped end.

Step Nine:  Edge stitch along the bottom of the triangle and along the bottom of the “legs.”  Set aside.


Apron Tie: Creating the Rounded Ends

Apron Ties

Step One (Not Shown Above):  Remove the selvages from the (2) 4″ x width of fabric apron tie pieces.  Place them right sides together and stitch along one short end.  You should now have a piece 4″ by approximately 80″-82.”  Press seam open.

Step Two (Not Shown Above):  Fold apron tie piece in half lengthwise, right sides together, matching the two long raw edges.  Press.  (Be sure to use a pressing cloth if you’ve applied interfacing).  Pin.

Step Three (Shown Above):  If you’d like to round the ends of the apron ties, create a curve along the ends.  I find a handy round objects (a container lid, in this example) and draw along the edge.  Cut along your line.


Step Four:  You should have a seam in the middle of your apron tie where you sewed the two pieces together.  This is the center of your tie.  Measure the width of the apron body…it should be approximately 20″ wide.  Divide the apron piece width by two (10″).  Measuring from the center seam on the apron tie, place a pin 10″ to the left of the seam and another 10″ to the right of the seam.  (To be safe, I put the pin an extra 1/4″ from the center, at about 10 1/4″).  This will be the opening where we’ll eventually place the apron body.  Sew along the raw edges of the apron tie from one curved end to the first pin, and then sew from the other curved end to the second pin.  You should now have an opening approximately 20″ wide in the middle of your apron tie.  Turn both ends so the apron tie is now right side out and press.


Attaching the Apron Tie to the Apron Body: Steps One-Three

Attaching the Apron Tie and Tab to the Apron Body

Step One:  Press one raw edge of the approximately 20″ opening in the apron tie under 1/2″.

Step Two:  Repeat with the second raw edge.  Set aside.

Step Three:  Find the center of the top of your apron piece and mark with a pin.


Attaching the Apron Ties and Hanging Tab to the Apron Body: Steps Four-Six

Step Four:  Lay the apron tie on your work surface.  Slip the apron body up inside the approximately 20″ opening in the apron tie.  Push it up until the unfinished edge of the apron body is against the fold of the tie.  Position the hanging tab in the middle of the back of your apron as shown in the first photo above.  Be sure that’s it about an inch inside the apron tie.  Pin.

Step Five:  Carefully top stitch about 1/8″ around the entire apron tie, securing the apron body and hanging tab within the tie.

Step Six:  Enjoy!


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