Working on my PhD

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  Did you finish all of the handcrafted gifts that you had planned?  Isn’t it nice to see the smiles they bring to the faces of friends and family?  Were you lucky enough to receive a handcrafted gift?  My mom made me a “Let’s Do Lunch Sack.”  I was very excited to receive it and can’t wait to put it to use!

While I can hardly believe that it’s January, I love this month.  I start the month taking a good look at each room in my house…inside cabinets and drawers, under beds, inside closets…in every nook and cranny…to see what needs to be cleaned, organized or purged.  This year, the space that needs the most work is my sewing room.  I’ve just moved into it, so everything is neat and tidy.  However, my fabric is not well organized.  I attended Quilt Expression’s Everything Series:  How to Organize Your Sewing Room this past weekend, and I am looking forward to putting Karen and Della’s system for organizing to work for me.  I’ll be sure to take photos along the way and share them here on the blog.  Since my sewing room is also our guest bedroom, I won’t be able to do quite as much as Della did in her “Big Dig,” but I do hope to make the fabric more accessible so I can use my stash and scraps on new projects.

First, though, there’s something else I need to tackle.  I’ve decided to start out the new year working on my PhD!  Exciting, eh?  Sadly, no, it’s not the kind that would make me so very valuable in the workforce.  This kind of PhD is “Projects Half Done.”

Jan 5 PhD 2

Jan 5 PhD

Do you have a collection of those?  Since I’ve just been quilting for a couple of years, my stack of PhD’s isn’t too big…yet!  I have four projects that I’d like to finish soon…two strip loop baby floor quilts, my daughter’s Super Six (remember that from waaaay back in July?), and a little experiment I started back in October with our “Strips and Squares” bags.  I’m hoping that telling you about them will inspire me to get them finished so I can blog about them!  {smile}

We’re looking forward to a new year here on the Quilt Expressions’ blog.  We’ll be posting about our new patterns and kits,  I have more staff interviews to conduct, and I’ll also be trying out some new-to-me tools and rulers.  If there’s something you’d like to see on the blog, please either leave a comment or send us an email at


“Procrastinate…it frees up time for quilting!”


2 responses to “Working on my PhD

  1. I like the procrastinate quote, although I do too much of it. I don’t have that many unfinished projects. I mostly have projects not started yet and those are the ones that I need to get to. The trouble is I have so many and like them all that I have a really hard time deciding what to work on. Then I end up not doing any of them because I might miss out on doing another one. And I’m caught in a vicious cycle.


    Love your blog !!!! Eager to see what you have in store for 2014. ‘!!!

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