Wrap It Up!

photo 3

I remember walking through the local fabric store with my mom when I was a child, running my hand along every bolt of fabric as I passed by.  There’s just something about the texture, the color, the combination of the two…I can’t resist it!  Add it to a holiday package, and it’s gorgeous!  {And a second gift for the recipient.}

photo 5

The simplest way to wrap a small package is with a well-pressed fat quarter.  Lay the fat quarter wrong side up on your work surface.  Set the small box in the middle at an angle, lift two opposite corners of the fat quarter up and over the box and tie in a knot.  Lift the remaining two corners up and tie in another knot.  Finished!  Super easy, and the fat quarter can be pressed and used by the recipient.

photo 7

Another way to wrap a gift is with fabric strips.  This is a larger box that I’ve wrapped first with wrapping paper.  I had two 5″ x width of fabric (WOF) strips and another 8″ x WOF strip.  I laid the first 5″ strip on my work surface with the wrong side up and placed the box on top.  Bring the ends of the fabric strip up and over the box and tie in a knot.  The second 5″ strip (the red strip in our sample) was threaded under the knot that we just made, with the wrong side up.  I took the 8″ strip to the ironing board and accordion folded it (remember the paper fans we used to make as kids?), pressing as I went.  The folded strip of fabric was placed on top of the knot.  I brought the red strip up and over the folded fabric and tied it once.  This secured the folded fabric to the package.  I took the ends of the red fabric and wrapped it around to the back of the package, securing it with a hidden safety pin.  Fan out the folded fabric, and it’s complete.

photo 6

photo 2

Here’s another idea…Karen took a narrow strip of fabric, wrapped it once around the package, tied a knot and knotted the ends.  Simple and pretty!


Does anyone recognize what was used on this package?  Karen took one of our 3/8 yd cuts of minky and wrapped it around the package.  Tie it in a knot and you have a cute package topper…and the recipient can use it to make a minky infinity scarf.



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