Gift Inspiration: Links to All Projects

  Just one more post on our Gift Inspiration Event, and then I’ll give you a break…for a day or two.  {smile}

I thought it would be handy to have a place where you could go to see all of the projects.  Below is a thumbnail-sized image of all of our gift ideas.  Click on a photo, and it’ll take you directly to that post.  Thanks so much for joining us!

Pic Monkey Main    Picmonkey Main   Picmonkey main

picmonkey main   picmonkey main   picmonkey main

main photo mail sack   PicMonkey Collage  Picmonkey main

picmonkey   picmonkey main   picmonkey main

picmonkey main  photo 6   picmonkey

Picmonkey main   picmonkey main  Picmonkey main

PicMonkey Collage Main  PicMonkey Collage main  picmonkey main

picmonkey main  picmonkey main    picmonkey main

picmonkey main  image  20131211-211941.jpg

20131212-180033.jpg   20131213-151103.jpg  20131213-151253.jpg   20131214-200248.jpg

20131215-205924.jpg   20131215-205940.jpg


3 responses to “Gift Inspiration: Links to All Projects

  1. I have enjoyed each and every day of this series and sad that it is over. How about a 365 day series? But then i guess it wouldn’t be special. Always look forward to your posts.

    Rita Kennedy

    • Rita, we are so glad that you’ve enjoyed our 30 day event. While it’s not likely that we’ll make it a 365 day event {smile}, we’ll keep our eyes open for new gift ideas and share them with you. After all, Christmas isn’t the only date we need gifts for! -Katie

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