Gift Inspiration Day Seventeen: Stay-Put Oven Door Towel

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Is there a particular gift that you often make for others but, somehow, have neglected to make for yourself?  I have one of those.  It’s the Stay-Put Oven Door Towel.  I absolutely love to give these as gifts.  They are so simple and so very useful…the towel actually stays on the oven door, rather than falling to the floor (where mine spends most of it’s time).  I think I might just have to make myself one this year and stick it under the tree.


Oh, you’d like to see a photo of what I’m actually talking about?  Alrighty…   This is the Stay Put Oven Door Towel.  Not the best photo since, like usual, I’m taking these pictures late at night.  However, they are very cute and functional…a gift I know I’d love to receive.

{Please Read All Directions Before Beginning}


Kitchen Towel

1/8 yd of fabric

Optional:  2.5″ x 35″ coordinating strip

Velcro:  15″ or the width of your towel


Step 1:  Lay the towel as shown on your work surface.  Pin the two pieces of Velcro as shown above.  I try to line the edge of the Velcro up with the edge of the finished seam on the towel.  Before sewing, make sure that the towel will resemble a tube when the Velcro pieces are attached.


Step 2:  Sew both sides of the Velcro to the towel.  I match the thread in my needle to the color of the Velcro and the bobbin thread to the towel.  Topstitch as close to the edge as you can, trying to avoid the “teeth” on the Velcro.


Avoiding the teeth will allow for a tighter seam…if you sew in the teeth, you tend to get a lot of loose stitches.  Set towel aside.


Step 3:  Trim the selvage from your 4.5″ x WOF piece.  Fold the short ends under wrong sides together 1/4″ and press.  Fold again, press and topstitch 1/8.”


Step 4:  Pretend this is the same piece of fabric from the last photo (skipped a step when taking photos!) and fold so right sides are together.  Sew along the unfinished edge with a 1/4″ seam.  Turn right side out.


Step 5:  Press so the seam runs down the middle of the piece.


Step 6:  Now we need to ruffle this piece.  Use whatever method works best for you.  After breaking thread after thread, I decided to try using dental floss.  It works so well!  Lay the dental floss just off-center on the side without the seam showing, and carefully sew a large zigzag stitch down the length of the piece.  Keep the dental floss between the left and right stitches.  Gently pull on the floss and it will ruffle effortlessly!  (And…it’ll smell nice, too!)


Step 7:  Lay the towel on your work surface.  There should be Velcro showing on one end and not showing on the other (it’s on the back of the towel).  You’re going to start pinning the ruffled piece to the end that does not have the Velcro showing.  Let the edge of the ruffled piece overhang the edge of the towel just a bit.  Loosen or tighten the ruffles as needed so that the ruffled piece fits the length of the end of the towel.


Step 8:  Carefully sew a seam down the center of the ruffled piece.  Remove the zigzag stitch and the dental floss.

You can be finished at this point.  However, if you’d like a little more decoration on the towel, you can add another ruffle.


Step 9:  Remember the optional 2.5″ x 35″ strip I mentioned in the supply list?  Let’s finish all of the edges by turning under 1/4″, pressing, turning again, press and top stitch.  Start with the short ends and then finish the long sides.

We need to ruffle this piece, too, but it’s a bit easier since it’s not quite as thick.  Turn your tension up (I put mine on 3) and lengthen your stitch length as much as possible.  Starting on one end of the piece, sew a seam just off-center the length of the piece.  It should ruffle a bit as you sew.


Step 10:  As we did before, fit the ruffled piece to the end of the towel by either pulling the ruffles tighter or loosening them a bit.  Pin well and stitch down the center.  (Don’t forget to restore your tension and stitch length settings!)  Remove the basting stitches and you’re finished!


One response to “Gift Inspiration Day Seventeen: Stay-Put Oven Door Towel

  1. Ahhh, love the ruffle, and the Velcro — so practical! Thank you.

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