Gift Inspiration Day Sixteen: Take-Along Toy Roll-Ups

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Polly Pockets and Hotwheels … the perfect toys to keep in your bag or in your car for those moments when your kids need a little entertainment.

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Today’s gift idea is for the young child on your list ~ a Take-Along Toy Roll-Up.  Pick little girl colors, and it becomes a Polly Pocket roll-up with a small play mat.  Choose a car theme, and it becomes a Hotwheels roll-up with a road play mat.

{Please Read All Direction Before Beginning}


Outside Fabric:  (1) 11″ h x 13″ w

Batting or Fusible Fleece:  (1)  11″ x 13″

Inside Fabric:  (1) 11″h x 13″ w  (solid black for the car roll-up)

Pocket:  (1) 10″h x 13″w

Interfacing:  (1) 10″ x 13″

Ribbon:  7/8 yard

For the road, you will need (4) yellow 2″ squares


Step 1:  Fuse interfacing to the back of pocket piece.  Lay the pocket piece on your work surface with wrong side up and the 13″ sides on the top and bottom.  Fold the top down to the bottom (wrong sides together), matching the raw edges.  Press.  Top stitch folded edge 1/8.”  You should now have a 5″ (h) by 13″ (w) pocket piece.


Step 2:  Place the 11″ x 13″ inside piece right side up on your work surface.  Matching raw edges along the bottom and sides, place the pocket piece on top of the inside piece.  Pin.  Fold the ribbon in half and place the folded edge on the right side of the inside piece 5.5″ from the top.  (If your ribbon is printed on one side, fold right sides together.)  Baste 1/8″ starting just above the ribbon and continuing around the pocket.

{See below for an additional step for the car roll-up before continuing to Step 3.}


Step 3:  Fold the end of the ribbon back away from the edge of the piece and tape in place.  This will keep it from accidently ending up in a seam.  (Yes, this is experience speaking).

Step 4:  Place the 11″ x 13″ outside piece right side down on top of the inside/pocket piece.  Place the 11″ x 13″ batting piece on top.  If you are using fusible fleece, fuse to wrong side of outside piece with hot, dry iron before placing it on top of the inside/pocket piece.  Pin.  Sew around all four sides with a 1/4″ seam, leaving a 4-5″ opening along the top for turning.  Clip corners.  Turn.  Press and top stitch 1/8″ around all four sides.


Step 5:  Using your preferred method, mark sewing lines for the toy pockets.  I like to use 1/4″ tape.  Both the Polly Pocket and the Hotwheels roll-ups have four 3″ pockets.  Once your lines are in place, start at the top of the pocket and sew to the bottom of the pocket, reinforcing your stitches at each end.

Add some toys, and you’re finished!

Extra Step For the Car Roll-Up:

PicMonkey Collage road lines

We need to add the lines on the road section of the car roll-up.  You should have (4) yellow 2″ squares.  For each:  fold two opposite sides over 1/4.”  Press and topstitch.  Fold in half, wrong side together, matching raw edges.  Press.  Fold raw edges in to the middle crease and press.  You will end up with four short pieces with finished ends that resemble double-fold bias tape.


Place the four yellow pieces at even intervals running across the middle of the road section.  Edge stitch each one.  Continue with Step 3 in the directions above.


5 responses to “Gift Inspiration Day Sixteen: Take-Along Toy Roll-Ups

  1. Thank you for the PERFECT thing to make for my Great Grandchildren – they will take this to church with them to play with!

  2. Now this is a great idea for my daycare kiddos,,, thanks!

  3. There wasn’t any directions for adding the batting that was cut,,, thankfully I know how to add that in… also, the pocket was instructed to cut 10 x13 so when folded in half it measures 5 inches instead of 5 1/2,, I love this project and made 6 of them!!!

  4. It’s also awesome to carry my silverware. Fork, spoon and knife fit perfect. And with lunch bag I made a kit. Thanks

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