Gift Inspiration Day Four: Super Hero Cape Set

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Day Four:  Super Hero Cape Set

I grew up on a farm in rural Idaho with three brothers, with just a five year span from the oldest to the youngest.  Yep, my parents likely deserve medals.  We didn’t have a TV or many toys.  Most of our playtime involved using our imagination.  We built forts out of blankets, made bows and arrows for target shooting out of tree branches and string, and studied gravity with a homemade seesaw, squash, and my little brother’s head.  (That one didn’t work out so well!)  And dress up…we loved dress up games.  What kid doesn’t?!

When the Superhero fabric collection arrived at Quilt Expressions, I knew that I’d found the perfect gift for my two young nephews and niece.  A reversible cape, belt, wrist bands and mask….they are going to love their gifts!

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Pattern Review:

The panel includes the directions, striped cape, two cape emblems, two wristbands with emblems, the belt and emblem and the mask.  You can choose to add interfacing and batting to some of the pieces.  I chose to make my cape double-sided, using the printed fabric for the back.  Because it is directional, I did have to piece the back.  Luckily, it’s very easy to do and the seam blends in.  You will also need 1/4″ elastic for the mask and sew-in Velcro for the belt, wrist bands and cape closure.

When assembling the cape emblems, I did apply some fusible interfacing to the back of the emblems before attaching them to the cape front and back.  The directions also tell you to assemble the cape and then sew on the emblems.  Since the emblems are different shapes, I sewed the emblems to the front and the back before I assembled the cape.   I also used fusible fleece in the belt, the wristbands and the mask.  The emblems to both the wristbands and the belt are made using raw edges.  For my sample, I applied fusible interfacing to the back of the front emblem pieces before top stitching them to the back emblem pieces.  Now that it’s complete, I would recommend tracing the wrist emblem backs, the belt emblem back and the mask back on a solid piece of fabric, sew them right sides together, turn, press and topstitch….just to make them a little sturdier.

The cape is quite long, which makes it a great gift for even an 8- or 9-year-old.  If you prefer it shorter for a smaller child, simply choose a line on the cape and cut it there.  Alter your backing fabric by the same length.

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Once all of the pieces were complete, I put them on my eight-year-old daughter for some field testing.   She climbed trees, hid behind bushes, ran through the grass….I think she likes it!    Bonus points to you if you can find the photo that indicated to me that the fun was over!

The panel and coordinating fabric are available both in-store in the children’s room and on-line using keyword “super hero.”


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