Gift Inspiration Day Three: Minky Infinity Scarf

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Day Three:  Cozy Minky Infinity Scarf

Forecast:  “Expect the day to start out cold, with a low of 25 degrees.  We’ll see lots of sun today, but with the brisk winds and a high of 31, you’d better bundle up if you venture outside.”

If last Saturday was any indication, our brisk cold winter days in Boise, Idaho are quickly approaching.  Snow, sleet, rain, wind, cold temperatures…how do we stay warm?  I’m sure if the forecasters were lucky enough to receive a Cozy Minky Infinity Scarf as a gift, they’d recommend pulling it out and cozying up with it.  If you’ve never felt minky, you have to stop in soon!  It’s thick, so soft to the touch and incredibly warm.  Sew it into an infinity scarf and you have several layers of cozy, warm, softness around your neck.

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Our Minky Scarf requires just 3/8 of a yard of minky.  Back in the baby room, we have a basket full of precuts that you can choose from, or you can pick any bolt and we’ll cut it for you.  We’ve just received a new shipment (shhhh… don’t tell anyone who told you, but more prints are on the way!).

This is probably the fastest gift to make on our list.  Just a couple of seams and a twist and you’re done!  The pattern is free both in-store and on-line with any minky purchase.  At Quilt Expressions, simply ask for the pattern while checking out with your minky purchase.  At, request a copy of the pattern in the “Special Instructions and Comments” in the Checkout section of the website while placing your order for minky.


One response to “Gift Inspiration Day Three: Minky Infinity Scarf

  1. Wish you had the scarf instructions

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