International Quilt Market in Houston – Day 3

photo 6

As the sun sets on our last full day in Houston, Karen, Della and I meet to discuss what we’ve seen.  We’ve seen some pretty amazing quilts, patterns, and fabric collections (I can’t wait for them to arrive at Quilt Expressions over the next six months!), a few things that caused a giggle or two amongst us, and some, well, farm animals.  All of these have combined together to create an experience I will never forget.  I’ve learned so much about how fabric/notions/patterns are created, packaged, sold, shipped, etc.  Who knew so much went on behind the scenes!

I’ve arrived at my temporary office (my favorite table next to Einstein Bros bagels in the lobby…prime real estate!) to write my final blog post from here in Houston.    Most days when I write, I have an idea, a photo, something to work from.  Tonight, not so much.  I didn’t randomly tell Karen and Della that I needed their feet for a photo (crazy thing….they didn’t even ask why….just walked them right over to me!), I’m out of airplane pictures, I didn’t meet any well-known authors today (although I did pass Amy and David Butler on the way to the restroom!).   What to do?!  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of mentioning this to Karen, so she forwarded a lovely photo that she’d taken on her phone to me and informed me in her most boss-like voice that it was what I’d use.  Well, um, anyway….I thought I’d just post a whole lot of photos showing what we saw today.

(Disclaimer:  Thanks for your patience with the extreme close-ups. Some of the designers prefer not to have full photos online quite yet.  Also, the market is arranged randomly.  You might find a gorgeous quilt next to, well, a owl, pig, or rooster.  Just for you, so you can get the full affect, I’m posting them the same way.)

Collage 1

Collage 2

Collage 3

Collage 4

collage 5

Collage 6

Collage 7

Collage 8

Collage 9

Collage 10

Alrighty, this concludes your tour of today’s Quilt Market sights.  Now, how about a couple photos of the beautiful city of Houston.  You might recognize some of the buildings…we’ve walked the same three blocks for three days, but they are a beautiful three blocks!

Collage 11

Gorgeous morning, eh?

And lastly, for your viewing entertainment, an unstaged photo of what the CEO looks like when she tries to make one purchase, just one purchase for herself.  Does anyone offer to help?  NO…they just take a photo.  Sigh….until next time…

photo 31


6 responses to “International Quilt Market in Houston – Day 3

  1. It looks like you had a great time. Can’t wait to see what you come back with.

  2. Thank you for the lovely pictures! I want a pattern for the pig and her piglets!

  3. I LIKE the chickens! Aside from that, it looks like some very unique artsy stuff coming up. Safe journey home!

  4. Thank you so much for a little glimpse of the greatest show on Earth…I have always dreamed of going someday. Your pictures are wonderful and whimsical and colorful, too.

  5. Thanks for showing so many photos.

  6. Thank you for taking so many pictures of Market. All these times we have heard about it being crazy now makes sense. Sensory overload!

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