The International Quilt Market in Houston – Day 2

numbers collage

Six tired feet…….700 booths…….1,800 miles from home

The opportunity to experience all of this….

Market collage 1

{top left:  Pat Sloan  ~  bottom right: can you believe that’s batting?!}

market collage 2

{top left: written by our very own Karen Hanson  ~  bottom right:  I have no idea!}

market collage 3 good

market collage 4

market collage 5

{bottom left:  Karen and Della with Marcia Derse}

market collage 6

{top left:  Karen and Della with Mark Dunn, President of Moda}


final collage day 2

As an extra bonus tonight, I’m leaving you with one last collage.  Last night, after we returned to the motel, I headed down to the lobby to write the blog post.  What did Karen and Della do?  Go to bed?  Well, of course not.  They started on the next Stashbuster pattern!  Karen’s sewing machine really is her constant companion!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  I received a promotion today.  I am now the official CEO of this trip.  Yep, I’m the Carry Everything Out person.  Feel free to leave a comment with your congratulations!  Until tomorrow evening…


11 responses to “The International Quilt Market in Houston – Day 2

  1. Loving your blog Katie! You make us feel like we’re at market with you. You are a great addition to the QE family!!

  2. What a stitch!!

  3. I have so enjoyed sharing this experience with you. It has been great fun.

  4. Congrats on the promo! At least they give you bags to carry it in!! Looks like such a fun time!!

  5. Love the “behind the scenes” photos and commentary! Thanks for sharing with all of us at home. Idaho awaits your fun findings 🙂

  6. Makes me dream of going someday! Thanks for sharing the experiences, and making it so fun for us to be part of the quilting community!

  7. Hi Katie, Karen and Della, it’s Barb Douglass. Looks like you girls saw a lot of fun stuff. I will be sure to stop by in December to see what new “stuff” has been added since quilt market. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  8. I am experiencing “deer in headlights” just looking at your posts! Fabulous stuff!

  9. How great to learn about the show! Your blog is fun and informative. When I was in the shop last week, I saw new fabrics that were fabulous. Now to think more is coming, what a treat!

  10. YES!!! I hope you purchase some Pat Sloan!!!! I LOVE her fabrics!

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