Quilting vs Skydiving


I’ve been spending the past couple of days with some unwanted houseguests.  They’ve settled in and made themselves right at home.  I’ve tried to convince them to leave with rest, lots of Vitamin C and a few boxes of Kleenex, but they appear to be sticking around.   Since I’ve had plenty of time to sit and ponder life, I’ve reached a conclusion regarding my choice of hobbies.  It has (at least) one huge benefit over skydiving!

Skydiving or Quilting

I have a lot of interests, but I have one favorite hobby.  I’m pretty sure you can probably guess what it is.  I like it so much, it’s now both my hobby and my job.   I have other interests, quite a few in fact.  However , the majority of my spare time is spent at the sewing machine.  As I sat at my machine this morning working on a few projects, I realized one huge benefit of sewing as a hobby.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m not feeling well.  I can’t go to work; I wouldn’t want to spread it around to others.  I can’t volunteer at my kids’ schools for the same reason.  I have no desire to go to the grocery store, shopping, etc.  But there is one thing I can do with a cold.  I can sew.  Now, imagine if I had chosen something else, let’s say skydiving, rather than sewing as a hobby.  Yes, that’s a gorgeous blue sky in the photo on the left. I’m sure there’s a fantastic view from up there of the City of Trees today.   Besides the fact that no one could ever convince me to jump out of a perfectly good airplane if I was feeling 100%, skydiving is not something I could do while sick.  But, oh, I can sew!

Airplane taggie and changing pouch

Since I didn’t have plans to skydive, I thought I’d stick with the plane theme and work on a baby shower gift.  My brother, who is a pilot, and his wife are having their first baby girl in November.   I pulled out a pattern I made several years ago and made an airplane loop toy using their colors, orange and turquoise.  I’ve made this for baby boys before but this is a first using girly fabrics.  I also made a favorite baby shower gift, a quick-change diaper pouch.  The diaper pouch holds a diaper, a flannel changing pad and a small container of wipes…just perfect for keeping all of the diaper changing supplies in one spot in the diaper bag.

well-used pattern and mail sack

I also started sewing a project that I’ve had cut out for a while.  I am making a couple of samples of the Mail Sack bag pattern for the store.  Can you tell it’s a favorite of mine by the number of pin holes in the pattern pieces?  We picked some fabric from the Art Gallery lines for both a small and large Mail Sack.  Be sure to take a peek once we have them on display!

Well, I’m going to go grab my blanket and pillow, curl up on the couch right where the afternoon sun hits it and see if I can convince these unwanted houseguests to leave.  Happy sewing!


One response to “Quilting vs Skydiving

  1. I don’t think M. will mind a bit having girly airplanes in the house. And, needless to say, you are one of the most productive sickies I know.

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