“Whatcha doing?”

DSCN4342When I posted my first “Whatcha Doing?” post, I had so many fun projects to work on and lots of time for sewing.  See this photo on the left?  That’s where my spare time has gone these past few weeks.  Between being on vacation, getting the kids back in to the school mode, and trying to get 650 fundraiser packets ready and out the door, I had a very long three and half weeks where I wasn’t able to sew.  Not one single stitch!  Finally, I just had to make something!

Mail Sack Collage

Do you have a favorite bag pattern?  I do…and this is it!   The Mail Bag from Pink Chalk Studio is so incredibly versatile!  I try to spend one Saturday morning a month at the Farmer’s Market.  The bags that I wear on my shoulder always fall down my arm when I lean over to look at something at a booth.  I came upon this pattern and decided to give it a try.  It comes in two sizes, mini and large.  I’ve always made the mini, and it holds everything I need to carry with me.    It’s a cross-body bag, so it stays put.  I’ve made so many of them that I’ve honestly lost count.  It’s great for traveling; this particular bag is on it’s way to Romania in October.

I did make a couple of adjustments to the pattern (I have a hard time sticking to patterns!).  I like to cut a strip of coordinating fabric about 3″ x the width of the bag body pattern piece.  I double it over, wrong sides together, press and add it when I’m sewing the yoke to the body.  And, of course, I also have to make a fabric flower, attach it to a pin and stick it on the bag.  (Don’t tell my daughter that I raided her button collection!)

Utility Apron Collage

My next project was a much-needed utility apron for work.  This was a quick one-hour project.  It took me longer to drive to Quilt Expressions, look at fabric, decide on the “Mama Said Sew”  line and then drive back home than it took to put it together.  It is the perfect apron to hold my cell phone, a pen, and a note pad.

There I was feeling pretty good about finally sewing and finishing two projects so quickly, and then along came a challenge from Karen that  I had to accept!  So now, I have new project to work on…and fast!

High Street In Progress Collage

I have one week, that’s it…just one week, to start and finish our “Cake and Ice Cream” quilt with a High Street layer cake.   Whew!  Once it’s complete and I’ve recovered from a marathon sewing session, I’ll post some photos of my progress on my Super Six and the table topper I’ve started with a Boo Crew charm pack.   Happy Sewing!


I always love to hear what others are working on.  It gives me ideas and inspires me to try new things.  What projects(s) are underway at your house?



6 responses to ““Whatcha doing?”

  1. I am trying to finish some projects that have been on hold for awhile. I am working on a queen size lady of the lake. But…..I got into this pot holder mode and have made several and also some little coin purses. I also want to start the stash buster quilt pattern we got in August. Need a clone of me to get everything done! 🙂

  2. Are you going to Romania? Which part of Romania?

  3. I have a question for Karen….in your reply about how you assemble your borders, do you do the long sides or short sides first, and does it matter which you assemble first? Thanks…..

  4. It doesn’t matter which goes on first, as long as you measure through the center for the lengths of your border. Sometimes it makes sense to put the top/bottom on first…like if they are exactly the width of the fabric!

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