What is that used for?

PicMonkey CollageI met Della at the store last week to work on the new Halloween display (have you seen it yet?!).  When she arrived, she had a project that she had just completed.  I fell in love when I saw it…the coordinated fabric, the texture, the softness, and there were three!  Everything should come in threes!  The fabric containers are from a pattern called “Bucket Brigade” and are made out of canvas from the “Make Life” line by Sweetwater for Moda.  What I love about them is that they hold their shape, but they are soft!  I had to ask Della what she used.  She led me over to…

Soft anf Stable with words…here.  Yes, to the long-arm side of the store.  I love the hum that comes from this area all day, but I have this horrible fear that I’m going to break one of them.  So I tend to stay away, for the sake of the machines.  (I’m told that this fear will be taken care of soon when I take a long-arm class!)  Anyway, down below one of the machines is a large roll of annie’s Soft and Stable.  The info sheet on it states that it’s “superior to battings and other stabilizers, soft and comfortable, easy to sew, lightweight, maintains it’s shape, and is washer and dryer safe.”  The roll is 58″ wide.  It obviously worked well for Della’s buckets.  I wonder what else it would work for?  Time for a walk around the store!

PicMonkey Collage patterns

I found three patterns from Auntie’s Two Patterns that call for batting:  the Freeport Gatherer, Bat’s In the Rug, and BIG Sebago Tote.  The Soft and Stable would work well in all three of these…providing a stable shape to the totes and softness to the rug.   However, since I’m mid-way through my Super Six quilt and need something fairly quick, I kept looking.

016And I’m so glad I did!  Have you seen this magazine?!  It’s a new publication from Better Homes and Garden and is available at Quilt Expressions.  This is the second issue, and it is full of great projects.  Some of the projects are involve fabric, some use paper, wood, upcycling, etc.  Inside, on page 65 I found  just what I was looking for.  We have an i-pad mini that I like to take with us on trips.  It fits in my bag, but I don’t like the fact that it isn’t protected from whatever else is lurking inside.


This is the “Push the Envelope” clutch.  It calls for an exterior fabric, lining fabric and batting.  Using the measurements in the magazine, this would probably be a perfect size for a regular i-pad or tablet.  I  reduced it to fit my mini.

PicMonkey Collage

I had some scraps of “Comma” by Zen Chic for Moda left over from another project.  I decided to use two fabrics for the exterior panel.  I also wanted to keep my fabric in place as I worked, so I applied 505 Spray and Fix.  It was easy to work with and did a great job of holding the fabric to the Soft and Stable while I sewed.  One helpful hint: there is a bit of overspray, so be sure to completely cover your work surface.

PicMonkey Collage side by side

Here’s my all-most finished project.  I’m thinking the front needs a little something.  Back to my scrap pile….

PicMonkey Collage flower steps

I found a scrap that was about 23″ long.  At the fat end, it measures 5″ and gradually decreases to a point on the other end.  I sewed the long side with right sides together, turned it right side out and pressed it.  I stitched along the straight side with a long stitch and gathered it.  This is the fun part ~ twist it, turn it, wind it, whatever you want until it looks like a flower and then hand sew it together.  It still needed something though.

PicMonkey Collage small yellow flower

I cut a 2.5″ diameter circle out of another scrap.  I hand sewed a basting stitch around the outside of the circle.  Once that’s complete, don’t cut your thread or take off your needle; you’ll need it for the next step. Gather the circle by pulling gently on your thread until it’s the shape you want.  Sew another basting stitch circle in the middle and then pull gently on your thread to gather it.  Layer this on top of your flower and hand sew them together.

Flower closeupSince I plan on this going inside my bag, I was a bit concerned about the flower catching on things; to solve this I squished down one part of the flower at time and stitched it down.  Lastly, hand sew the flower to the cover’s front flap.

ipad cover squished flowerAnd it’s finished!  The Soft and Stable creates a thick padding that will protect my i-pad if it happens to get dropped.  It was easy to work with and can be used in place of fusible batting by using the 505 Spray and Fix.


3 responses to “What is that used for?

  1. Very nice! Always fun to see what inspiration and imagination produces. Thanks for sharing.

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