Super Six

In my first post, I described my quilting style as “bright, modern, strip-piecing and strip quilting, make it up as you go along.” Except for three baby-sized quilts, I’ve successfully avoided making a quilt using a pattern.  Yep, I’ll admit it…I’m a chicken! If I make the pattern up as I go along, no one can say that it didn’t turn out quite right or that my points don’t match up as they should ’cause maybe I meant it to be that way!  I’ve decided to jump into this with both feet (and my seam ripper!) and attempt to use a pattern.

Should I start with a Log Cabin?  Flying Geese? A star? Um, please no!  I decided to start with something simple.  Luckily, the very talented ladies at Quilt Expressions design their own patterns.  I spent some time in the store last week looking at the samples of their exclusive patterns.  This display caught my eye each time I passed by:


This pattern is called “Super Six.”  It’s colorful, consists of just three block patterns, and calls for one yard each of six fabrics.  The pattern contains a cutting guide that results in no fabric waste.  I can make this!

"Super Six" by Quilt Expressions

“Super Six” by Quilt Expressions

Quilt Expressions currently has three “Super Six” quilts in the store.  I love how the fabric choices are so different in each one, but they all catch your eye.  These would make a fast but lovely quilt for college students, a wedding gift or to cover the guest room bed.  Here’s a quick peek at the quilts…and the awesome backings they chose for them.




There are three pre-cut kits currently available in the store.  If one of them catches your eye, stop in or give us a call as they are going fast! Click on photo below for a closer look.


So, that’s it.  That’s the one.  I’m going to choose my fabrics this week and get started on my Super Six quilt.  Check back in with me here on the blog for updates on my progress.  And, please, wish me luck!  But, first, one more look at my favorite…

All we need is a picnic basket!

All we need is a picnic basket!



6 responses to “Super Six

  1. John Tomkinson

    What is the size of Super Six?

  2. P.S. A make it bigger option (add two yards for an outside border) will make it 90″ x 102″.

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