Hi, My Name is Katie!

Hi my name is Katie. I’m the newest employee at Quilt Expressions and I’m here to introduce myself.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you look back on something you’ve said in the past and wondered, “What was I thinking?!” Well, that’s what happened to me. Growing up, my mom sewed clothing, stuffed bears and quilts. I’d go to the J-store, with her and run my hand along the bolts of fabric as we looked for the fabric she needed. We’d sit and look through pattern books. She’d sew anything for me, as long as I cut out the pattern. She was smart that way…it was a win-win for both of us. I did wonder about her a bit though. Quilting?! I just didn’t get it. I specifically remember uttering these exact words: “I can’t imagine taking a perfectly good piece of material, cutting it into small pieces and then sewing it back together.” Yep, that was my moment.

Me and my kiddos

Me and my kiddos

About five years ago, I decided to go ahead and cut apart some perfectly good
material.  If only I’d known how much fun it is…I wouldn’t have wasted so many years being a non-quilter.  What I love about quilting is that you can
find your own personal style.  Choosing patterns, fabrics, quilting options…there are so many ways to make every project personal.  I’d describe my style
as bright, modern, strip-piecing and strip quilting, make it up as you go
along.  I love to put together fabrics that catch my eye, think of who they remind me of and then design something just for them.  Occasionally, I’ll use a
pattern, but I tend to design my own.  In addition to quilts, I also enjoy making wall hangings, bags, aprons, personalized towels, pillow covers, baby clothes, and have designed a fabric card holder (for handmade greeting cards) and a quiet time book for kids that holds colored pencils and a notebook.

Left:  Pattern - my own.  Fabric - Bungle Jungle Critters by Moda Top Right:  Pattern - QE Stashbusters Burger Joint.  Fabric:  my stash Middle Right: Pattern - Three Times a Charm. Fabric -   Good Fortune by Moda Bottom Right:  Hexies

Left: Pattern – my own. Fabric – Bungle Jungle Critters by Moda
Top Right: Pattern – QE Stashbusters Burger Joint. Fabric: my stash
Middle Right: Pattern – Three Times a Charm by Me & My Sister,  Fabric – Good Fortune by Moda
Bottom Right: Hexies

Store frontFast forward to my new job. When Karen contacted me about working for Quilt Expressions, you can imagine my excitement.  Permission to go to my favorite quilt store anytime, play with fabric, take photos, write about fabric, patterns and tools…and get paid for it?!    Talk about the perfect job!  Even my husband can’t argue with that!  So now you’ll find me in the store (at least) once a week taking photos, learning new techniques (like quilting from patterns and using the long-arm quilting machine), craving all of the new products…and telling you all about it on our blog, on Facebook, and in our email newsletters.  I would really like to hear from you, too! Be sure to make a comment, send me an email or look for me in the store.



8 responses to “Hi, My Name is Katie!

  1. Good luck with your new job ! It sounds terrific !

  2. Awesome first post! I am so excited for you in your new job and I think Karen will be pleased. You are one talented lady! Can’t wait to see the new website.

  3. Charlotte O'Leary

    Welcome Katie!

  4. Katie , what a nice first post. Going to the quilt store should be like going to visit friends. Good Luck

  5. Nice job!

  6. Congratulations! Sounds like so, so much fun!

  7. Okay, okay you may yet persuade me to be one of those cut-fabric-into-little-pieces-people too! What a perfect job for you!

  8. Well, I can’t exactly say I’m surprised…and definitely am pleased and wish you well! What a great match!

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