Sunflower Fields Wool Patterns

We’ve been featuring LOTS of samples in our wool area from Sunflower Fields Pattern Company. Sunflower Fields’ designer, Liz, was generous enough to provide these samples to display. We have dozens of her really cute patterns available in the shop and they just fly off the shelves. Her book, Cozy Wool Applique, has also been one of our best sellers for the last few months. Here’s some of our favorites we are dying to share with you:






SunflowerFieldsBlog_4  SunflowerFieldsBlog_6



SunflowerFieldsBlog_9  SunflowerFieldsBlog

Liz is an Idaho girl and we’re so happy for her success. You can check out her blog to see what new things she’s been working on.


3 responses to “Sunflower Fields Wool Patterns

  1. I am interested in the snowman pillow you picture on Pinterest. It is grey, with red star border – done in wool applique. Do you sell that pattern or kit? Can you send me info? Thanks

    • Georgette, thanks for your comment. We do have the pattern you are asking about. It is called “Two Silly Snowmen.” We have one set aside for you. Please contact us at 208-338-8933 or toll free at 800-544-5839. Thanks, Katie

  2. I am interested in the snowman pillow pattern. How do I purchase that pattern? Thank you!

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