Ombre Pixel Quilt


We now have the Simply Color line by V & Co for Moda Fabrics. The line includes several colors of ombre prints (where the color graduates from dark to light) which make really unique quilts.

Jane, our Moda rep, gave us a great, modern idea on how to use the ombre fabrics. I knew I had to try it out. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a “pixel” quilt. It’s a really fast and easy project. I used just one color of ombre, but picking two or three ombres in coordinating colors would make a stunning quilt as well.

You will need a total of 3-1/3 yards of ombre fabric to make a 54” x 70” finished quilt.

First, cut your fabric into (24) 5” strips. Then, subcut the strips into (192) 5” x 5” squares.


You will be sewing your squares together at random, so first you need to mix up your neat stack of squares. I did this by “shuffling the deck” and spreading all the squares out across my cutting table. Then, I dumped the pile into a bag and mixed them up even more.

5OmbreBlog 6OmbreBlog 7OmbreBlog
Sew the squares together at random into (96) two-patches. The beauty of the pixel quilt is its randomness. However, at this stage I was careful to mix up the tones of the fabrics so there was at least some contrast between the two squares I sewed together.
8OmbreBlog 9OmbreBlog
Press your two-patches to one side. Then, sew your two-patches together to make (48) four-patch blocks. Press seams to one side.

10OmbreBlog 11OmbreBlog
Arbitrarily arrange your blocks into eight rows of six blocks. You’ll want to double check your seams alternate so they “nest” when you sew your blocks together. You can either rotate your blocks to make them fit, or you may need to re-press some of your seams.

Sew your blocks and rows together and ta-da! You’re all done. I love how modern and graphic the end-result is. Della gave me several ombre fabrics after her sewing-room purge and I’ve started making miniature pixel quilts to hang in my sewing room.


Have any great ombre-fabric project ideas? Please share in a comment!

— Posted by Stacy


3 responses to “Ombre Pixel Quilt

  1. Looks like a really fun,quickie quilt to put together and the mixing up of the colors would be a great stress reducer!!

  2. great quilt for a new quilter. I’ll pass this one on to my daughter. Thanks!

  3. Have been looking for ombre fabrics….will be in SOON to buy some!
    Happy you have them!

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