What to Quilt on Your Quilt

March’s session of our popular free seminar covered what to quilt on your quilt. Karen has been a professional free-motion quilter for years and she covers a range of topics from specific quilting techniques to choosing a back and thread color.

Take a look at the seminar video for great tips and tricks on free-motion quilting.


7 responses to “What to Quilt on Your Quilt

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Invaluable information!

  2. Echo Sandy Fisher plus so entertaining! A prerequisite for quilting is definitely a sense of humor….especially towards one’s self!!!!! Thank you for this post! Hugs, D

  3. Thank you so much for posting this video-I was going to be out of town and requested this-hope it wasn’t too much trouble. Very very helpful for this novice quilter. Thank you thank you! Jody

  4. Karen
    I looked at your website hoping for some help with my misbehaving Gammill and found this wonderful tutorial instead. The machine still doesn’t work but I’m having a good time with my sketchbook. Thank you. Gwen

  5. Lana Messinger

    Karen: Loved your video on “What to quilt on your quilt”–so helpful. I use a piece of plexiglass I purchased at Lowe’s for $15. I trace my block on one side with a washable marker. Then I can flip it and trace my pattern over and over, w/o erasing the block pattern, until I get it right. Saves on tracing paper. Wish I lived closer to your store, I always visit when I am in Boise–love the blog, thank you.

  6. Karen
    I enjoyed your video. Is there anywhere on the internet that I can see the whole quilt (the first one you ever made-the patriotic one) or get a pattern for it? I love it and think it would be great for my quilt guild’s “Wounded Warrior” quilts. Thanks

  7. I am a long arm quilter and your video is spot on about what to quilt! I loved it especially your comments on choosing the back. Wish I could give your video to all my customers BEFORE they choose their backs. Thanks for a great class!

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