StashBusters Show-and-Tell

Many of you are in our popular StashBusters club and meet with us at the shop once a month to get our latest Quilt Expressions pattern, as well as show-and-tell the quilts that you’ve made from our patterns. But what you may not realize is we also have a fun crowd of people who participate in StashBusters from afar! We ship patterns to our “global” group once a month and email them a color photo of the sample. To keep it fun, we even send out door prizes to a few lucky winners.

Our local group hearing about the latest pattern design.

Since one of our favorite aspects of StashBusters is seeing each pattern in all the creative colorways you put together, we encourage our global group to send photos of their finished projects, too. Jenny Satterthwait, a former local girl now living in Colorado, has kept with us by joining our global group. We were delighted to receive an email from her this month with several of her completed projects. We are excited to share her work with you here!

Made from our Fit & Trim pattern by Jenny. Love the variation in color!

Here's the same pattern by one of our local ladies. What a different look when you use a print for the background fabric rather than a solid white and don't add borders!

Another of Jenny's from one of last year's StashBusters patterns.

Jenny also made our Seeds of Time pattern. Doesn't it look striking on the bed?

Jenny also shared this bright quilt she made from a Bali Pop. Wow!

If you’re interested in joining our global StashBusters club, check out our website to sign up. We’d love to see what you come up with!

— Posted by Stacy



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