Della’s Big Dig Finale

It took about two and a half months, but I am finally back in my room and loving it! I spent the last few days sewing in my room and believe me, it was great. It is amazing how wonderful an uncluttered room feels; I could spend all day in there. Can you believe I even have empty drawers, bins and shelves?

I keep my fabric rolls and some of my scraps in my new bins. I've even got some extra space!

The last of the fabric to sort through was the fabric rolls. Any pieces that were between 9″ and 17″ wide fit into this category. The fabric was trimmed to 12″ and placed right side down. I pressed it out and stacked it with 6 fabrics together, then rolled it up from selvage to selvage and secured it with a rubber band. Now when I need to cut strips for log cabin quilts, or squares for other quilts, all I need to do is unroll a few inches and cut. The logs in my log cabin quilts are not longer than 10 ½”, so this works great. Any pieces that were trimmed off from these were placed into the scraps that I have already sorted in groups of dark, medium, light and bright.

All my unfinished projects were placed in clear, stackable containers. They are now on the shelves in my room and marked with a date. The date makes me accountable that these are going to be finished in the next year. I have 6 projects now, but there are still a few at Karen’s. Gee, maybe she’ll finish a few for me?

February 27? Oops. I guess I'm a little behind. Don't tell Karen!

The shelves in my closet now have my books and other miscellaneous stuff like a light box, interfacing, embroidery supplies and beads, and I still have empty shelves and drawer space. One small change that makes your room look uncluttered is to have all of the containers match. It is amazing how this one small change help your room and closet look organized.

I love my beautiful new containers. I've got some of them labeled -- these are my light and dark pieces that are ready to be made into a log cabin quilt.

There were many things I learned during this process, but the one question that I was asked the most was “did I find stuff that I didn’t know I had”. Well, of course I did! What was the best lesson I learned? Only sewing things go in my sewing room.

I know that Karen doesn’t quite trust me yet since I got caught a few times “sneaking” in some very small pieces of unsanctioned fabric. She plans on some surprise visits to make sure I am still uncluttered. I keep telling her that she is acting like a rehab counselor – maybe she is. All kidding aside, this has been one of the best experiences I have ever been involved in. My room is beautiful – thank you Karen!

— Posted by Della

I'm very excited about my new laptop. I've got it right next to my sewing machine so I can test out new pattern designs and check back to my screen for direction.

This is the BEST way to organize your rulers! I've got a different ziplock bag for each ruler and instructions. It's so easy to find what you need and has everything right there.


8 responses to “Della’s Big Dig Finale

  1. Linda Schonberger

    Della – I have followed your journey every step of the way and picked up many “ideas” that I plan to “borrow” as I set up my “shared” sewing room. I have to say shared because part of the room (the smallest part) belongs to my husband! The tip on how to store all the rulers is the best I have seen and plan to use that “idea” as well. Thanks so much for sharing your journey will all of us. It’s been inspiring. Your sewing room is beautiful!

  2. Sandy from California

    I am snagging that ruler organization tip. Brilliant! Have enjoyed your journey. Took one of my own but since I did not have Karen I was not as successful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. kudos to a project well done.. we are so thankful for the big black garbage bag full of scraps.. so far we have over 15 quilts for hospice, and more are coming together… you have truly accomplished much in the past 2 months….nothing has been wasted every scrap of a scrap has been used… power to the scraps…. since I am new to quilting this was a fun and exciting challenge!!!!jeanne

  4. Katie in Western NY

    I think the ruler storage idea is clever, but I try to limit myself when it comes to gadgets, otherwise I’m overwhelmed (think: Feng Shui meets the Gadget Goddess). Therefore, I only have the “basic” collection of rulers…ones I don’t need special instructions in order to use. To store my rulers, I knot a loop of ribbon through the holes on those rulers, then hang them off of a mug rack I picked up at a garage sale. Make them easy to find and easy to store.

  5. Rita from California

    Della is my baby sister. You have no idea just how cluttered her sewing room was. The before pictures didn’t do it justice! And since I was “company” when I would come up, I am sure she tried to straighten it up before I came. It will be very interesting to see just how long it stays decluttered. Knowing her as I do, she most likey will slip at least a little. I will be making a trip up to Boise in July and can hardly wait to see if everything is still in its place. Keep up the good work Della. The clutter patrol will be arriving before you know it………

  6. Rita from California

    Della, you are doing a great job keeping your sewing room straight! I was so impressed with the make over. Everything had a place and was handy. It is totaly amazing to see how much you can get into a normal sized bedroom and still have it effecient. You have motivated me to look for ways I can improve my sewing space too. Keep up the good work.

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  8. Sarah Rothwell

    Is there a follow-up to see hoe things have been maintained or changed?

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