The Big Dig: Part IV: Sewing Again

I’m sewing again! I have a sewing table and machine and a cutting table in my sewing room. Since Karen took away my big ironing board, we had to come up with another solution for pressing. The cutting table that I have lends itself to a great ironing station, but I had to figure out some way to make a pad for it. We  picked out fabric that matches the walls and some of the accessories. It was one of my favorite prints – a bright Philip Jacobs design in all the right colors. I lined the fabric with Insul Fleece to protect the table and attached it temporarily with tape – I’m still trying to decide if I need a better solution to keep the pad from slipping. It felt so good to hear the hum of my sewing machine – oh how I have missed her!

The shelves are up, too! They are beautiful, and the best part is that I can adjust them if I need to. I still don’t have much in my room and every time Karen comes over she checks things out to make sure I’m not sneaking something in. Where is all my fabric? You guessed it, still in Karen’s basement. We are still sorting. The plan is to get everything folded and then decide what I really have room for. We haven’t even tackled the projects that are in progress – I just know she won’t let me have all of them at once (or maybe ever).

What have I learned so far?
• Have a plan.
• Be thorough even if it means going slow.
• Be realistic about what can get accomplished.
• Donate what can’t or won’t be used.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about Della’s Big Dig.

— Posted by Della


14 responses to “The Big Dig: Part IV: Sewing Again

  1. Linda Schonberger

    Della – congratulations! This sewing room is not only awesome but inspiring.

  2. Oh my gosh — You are so lucky, Della — your room looks totally great. Everything looks so fresh and clean — a real sewing room dream come true.

  3. Della,
    The room looks wonderful! Way to utilize the wall space with so many shelves. Maybe Karen will let you keep your fabric in her basement all the time, and just bring in one project at a time to your beautiful room! It would keep your room tidy!

  4. I’ve been following your progress, even signed up to have updates e-mailed to me. I would like to know the dimensions of your sewing room. Would you consider including a running cost of your project. It sure would help us that are aspiring to be like you!
    Thanks a lot
    happy sorting

  5. WOW Della what a neat room. What happened to all your stuff??

  6. Beautiful!!
    I have all my fabric folded and sorted in my bins under the spare bed now. I love it. I love to feel it and be able to see it all now.
    I’m anxious to see your room take on some more character as it fills back up with more of your “allowed” stuff.

  7. Beautiful! I will be moving soon and your room not only inspires me, but it also gives me hope:-) Thank you for sharing this process. Many thanks to the beautiful and talented Mrs. Hansen too!

  8. Where did you get the organizing bins? And the shelving?

  9. We got the shelving and metal bins at the Container Store (online). Hurry, it’s been on sale but the sale ends Feb. 15th.

  10. Della, Your sewing room looks great, bright and cheery, what a joy! Shelving and drawers just wonderful! I’ve been working on my sewing room and love your ironing table, what an inspiration to others! Designing ideas always a blessing to the rest of us, we all get a chance to see how others solve dilemmas! Much happiness and enjoyment in creating such a wonderful sewing room! Thank you very much for sharing your ideas, you are a true blessing! Best Ever and enjoy your new sewing room.

  11. Elaine Cederquist

    Della, your room is absolutely inspiring. Where did you get your cabinets and shelves. I am redoing my room and looking for sewing tables etc. They almost look like Ikea.


  12. Hi Della and Karen,
    The room is looking great! I’m looking forward to seeing all of the goodies put back in there.
    Good luck.


  13. Jen in northern Wis

    Hi I just found you, and was wondering the size of your room; and paint color, # and name, finish….as I’m in the process of a re-do, and thought of something like what you did; green walls with black shelves; and red accent chair and white sewing cabinet and cutting table, room size that I have is abt: 9’5 x 9’5; only differance I was thinking was a design wall in white flannel on the wall; and storing my fabric in the closet, on shelves. . Thanks Jen in northern WIs

  14. Hi Jen. I’m afraid that I’m not going to be much help. The room was 9′ x 11′. I don’t remember what the paint color was and since I no longer live in that house, I don’t have any empty paint can to tell you the number or even the manufacturer. My design wall today is made from 1″ thick insulation boards which makes it moveable. It is covered with a Fons & Porter Design wall – which is flannel on one side and plastic on the other. I love it! If you have the luxury of putting it on the wall, then that is even better. Good luck with your re-do and have fun.

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