The Big Dig – Part I: Organizing Della’s Sewing Room

A few weeks ago, I got to go on a field trip. To Della’s house. This was very exciting for me because Della’s cute little abode is famous, especially at Christmas time. Her husband is a fanatic for Christmas decorations, specifically Christmas trees. They are rumored to have well over 30 trees inside their house, each meticulously decorated. But the trees weren’t what I was going to see. Nope, it was another kind of horrorshow that I was interested in. I was going to see her sewing room.

Della is a sewing goddess. She cranks out projects like an industrial machine, quilting perfectly in practically no time at all. But when I saw her room, I was shocked. How can she move around in there? How does she even know where anything is? Della once told me “I must have been thin and organized in another life, because they are both things I have never managed to be.” Regardless, we love Della to death and as Della gave me a tour through her tiny sewing universe, stopping to tell me adorable stories of all her nick-nacks, it all came together. Della is so focused on her sewing that organizing her stuff never came into the picture. But we are out to change that.

As half Christmas present, half torture, Karen decided to give Della a sewing room makeover. Hopefully by the end of it all, Della will be a happier, more productive sewer (if she can keep it organized.)

Stay tuned as we follow Della through her sewing room saga and maybe you can pick up a few tips here and there on how to get your own creative space in order!

— Posted by Stacy

How do you cut at your cutting table, Della?

This is where the fabric lives.

At least something was organized.

Do you need three irons?


If the lights are on, it means her iron is on, so she never forgets to turn the iron off. Clever!

This is a castle in Scotland that her ancestors lived in. Now it's a hotel and some say it's haunted. I want Della to take me there!

Della times all her sewing projects and tries to do them faster each time. You go, girl!

The rumors were true, folks. Well over 30 Christmas trees, big and small, are at Della's house.


7 responses to “The Big Dig – Part I: Organizing Della’s Sewing Room

  1. Deborah in Atlanta

    I can definitely use some tips on how to get more organized, and I’m anxious to see how you get Della’s room put in order. That Della, I’m so glad you introduced her to me, because I’m with her. She’s my new hero. Anybody who says, “I must have been thin and organized in another life, because they are both things I have never managed to be” is a woman after my own heart. You go Della!!!

  2. This is going to be a hoot!

  3. I have my days when my sewing nest rivals hers!!! Have done a bit of organizing lately. Am looking forward to seeing what happens here in the posts to come! 😉

  4. It may be a bit painful, but it is oh so worth it! I just got my space in order this fall. I LOVE IT!
    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  5. Della and I have a lot in common, I already love her—a part of her “lives” inside of me! This will be fun to follow and to learn something new! You go girl!!

  6. After attending the hour session on organization and listening to all the good-hearted ribbing Della took, I headed home to organize myself. Now most of my friends will tell you I am very organized to begin with but there were so many new ideas on how to sort my material more efficiently that I had to give it a try. After several long days of going through all my material, books, etc. I now have a wonderful area where I can find material by size and color in half the time. Three large garage size cans were emptied in the trash, a large box of material and bags of unused stuffing is going to Idaho Youth Ranch, and about 8 plastic bins are stacked and going in the attic for my my next organizing binge. THANK YOU KAREN.

  7. I have been roaming the world wide web searching for a similar sized space to mine. Yours seems to fit the bill. Not only in size but also creative disaster. I’m eager to see what you have in store for it. I would also like to know how I can find a friend like you, willing to do this for me too! Can’t wait to see the progress.

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