Try New Things This Year

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The new year is about making goals and doing things in a new way. We like to reinvent ourselves, our homes and even our hobbies. In 2011, Quilt Expressions is leaping into new beginnings with our brand new, beautiful home. I am on this grand quilting adventure to see where sewing can take me. Della is emptying her sewing room to pare out the good from the ugly and just get organized.

What are you doing in this new year to improve yourselves? Maybe you joined us last Saturday for our free seminar on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Organizing Your Sewing Room and got some good ideas on how to revamp your creative space. Or maybe you became a member of our StashBusters pattern club to try new and different patterns throughout the year.

Everything Series Group

We had over 120 people come to our two sessions of our "Everything Series"! That's our largest bunch yet.

Camping Out

We were so packed, some people were smart and brought their own chairs to camp out in. Who brought the smores?

Since we are all quilters here, our challenge should be to try new things and take our sewing to new levels. A great way to do this is to test out a sewing or fabric style that is totally unlike your own. At the end of it all, you may come to appreciate a traditional quilt pattern, or a modern fabric, that you weren’t expecting to enjoy. And if you still don’t like that style at the end of it all, the quilt will make a great gift and at least you can say you tried. Maybe you will have even learned a new technique.

So, get out there and try a new quilting style. Need a jump start? Try a kit – they make shopping easy and can help you pick out a quilting style you aren’t normally attracted to. Are you a bright colors, modern quilter? Well, try out Aster Manor Baby Quilt as a 360 degree change from your usual. It’s easy to make, great as a gift, and I’m sure you’ll learn to love the Aster Manor line by the end of it all. Or maybe traditional quilts with “dark and dreary” fabrics (as Karen likes to call Civil War reproduction) is what gets you excited. Try out BQ Amy Butler. This aqua quilt has huge blocks to show off the large floral prints Amy is so famous for. Wow, what a change. Let some light in! The good news is we just put a ton of kits on sale, so snatch ‘em up while they last and have a happy new-you year.

— Posted by Stacy

Fat Quarter Baby

Try Aster Manor Baby Quilt out!


2 responses to “Try New Things This Year

  1. This year, I’m going to make something big-stitch hand quilted with pearl cotton. I have the tread, now wish me luck.

  2. I was in the store last week and found the “perfect” blue to border a quilt. However, you had others that liked it a lot and you were out…. One suggested I try so when I got home that’s what I did and yesterday the needed fabric arrived. Perfect hungarian blue to do the set in triangles on my Farmers Wife quilt. Thanks for the assist.

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