Panel Quilt

Nine days ’til Christmas. We polled our local StashBusters group last night to see how many of our ladies were all done with their holiday shopping. Is anyone ever really done? And as the big day nears there are hundreds of other procrastinating shoppers at the mall. That’s why I’M going the handmade route.

So, for all you die-hard quilters out there who really just have to give quilts, but may not have enough time to bust out a king-sized masterpiece, a quick way to go is a panel quilt. We still have some Christmas panels left in the store, and all you have to do is throw on some borders and you’re in business. Use one panel and a few borders for a holiday-themed wall hanging. Or use a panel with multiple motif blocks and put borders around each motif to make bigger blocks for a lap quilt. Use flannel on the back for a cozy Christmas Day quilt that is perfect for warming up with by the fire. The cute blocks below really would make fabulous placemats, too!


–Posted by Stacy


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