Fabric Luggage Tag

Have you ever been to the airport and picked up the wrong bag on the luggage carousel? Well, trust me, it is embarrassing. I thought I was smart when I bought a red suitcase, but as it turns out there are lots of red suitcases out there. To help you find your luggage, here is an easy to make tag. Since they are simple and fast to make, you can whip up some of these for all of your friends and family in time for the holidays. So pick out some fabric and make it bright — you want to be able to spot it easily.

Supply List (you can use scraps, but if you are buying fabric this amount will make two tags)
– 1/8th yard of bright fabric
– 1/8th yard of heavy fusible interfacing such as Décor Bond
– 1/8th yard of heavy clear vinyl

Cutting Instructions (cut one of each)
Fabric –
• 4″ x 11″ piece for the tag
• 2″ x 15″ piece for the loop
Interfacing –
• 3 ½ ” x 10″ heavy fusible interfacing such as Décor Bond
Vinyl –
• 2 ½” x 4 ¼” piece


Sewing Instructions
Press the 2″ x 15″ loop piece in half (the long way) with wrong sides together. Open up the loop and press each side to the middle crease. Press in half again. Stitch close to each edge.

Center the interfacing and fuse to the wrong side of the tag fabric.

Iron Fusible

Fold the tag in half – it should now measure 4″ x 5 ½”. Sew both long sides using a ¼” seam allowance.


Clip Corners and turn inside out. Press the top edge to the inside and insert the loop in the center of the opening.

Insert Loop

Edge stitch around the entire tag. Center vinyl piece on the front of the tag and stitch on three sides, leaving the top side open. (Hint: I found that using removable scotch tape helps keep the vinyl in places as you sew. Also a “non-stick” pressure foot for your sewing machine really helps too.)

Sew Vinyl

Slip in a business card or a piece of paper with your name and address and you’re done!

Add to your luggage

Happy sewing,



2 responses to “Fabric Luggage Tag

  1. I still have a hard time when using the removable tape. Where to you place it?

    • Lynne, Place the tape on the underneath side of the pressure foot. You need to cut away the hole where the needle goes. It helps the foot from sticking to the vinyl. Hope this helps.

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