Holiday Cards

This next crafty project is as much fun to make as it is give away. And you get to use up your smallest pieces of scraps you have laying around. (Since my stash is still small, I hang on to the smallest strips of fabric. I have a hard time letting go. Maybe you do too…)

Holiday Cards

These holiday cards are a great way to send out your family’s seasons greetings, or to package up and give away as a bundle of blank cards to a friend. Here’s how you do it:

Print a holiday greeting onto a sheet of 8 ½” x 11” card stock paper. (Two per page.) Align the greetings so one is about half-way down the page, the other at the bottom, both centered in the right half of the page. If you want a personalized message on the inner part of the card, repeat this process and carefully reinsert your sheets into the printer, making sure the message will properly print on the opposite side of the page.

Inside Card
After printing, cut the sheet in half so you have two 8 ½” x 5 ½” pieces. Score the pieces with a pin on the outside so they fold in half.  Use scraps to create a tree, heart, star — whatever you can imagine.  Get creative! Glue them down with a glue stick to hold in place. Stitching is optional for a sewer’s touch, or you can use fusible.

To give these as a gift, pick up envelopes at an office supply store and bundle it all together with a ribbon!


I really spread out for this project.


Before I even started, I put my thinking cap on and sketched some Christmas ideas.

— Posted by Stacy


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