Snip Eze

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who is no-nonsense about what kind of things they want as gifts? Take my mother for example. (Hi, mom.) She pretty much only wants something useful — an every day kind of object. Forget the “fluff” stuff. No candles, no clothes, no candy. She wants tools. As a creative person herself, she doesn’t want you to make her a bag. She wants to do it herself, duh! Luckily we’ve got all kinds of favorite sewing tools and notions that you can give to the handy people in your lives. And here’s our favorite.

Snip-Eze scissors. Holy cow, ladies, do you have these snips? Hands down the best on the market. I could not sew without them. Everyone here at the shop covets these babies and give them as gifts every year. If you don’t own them yet, get on the wagon already!

Instead of trying to squeeze my fat little fingers through the holes of most snippers, I love that all you have to do is grab and squeeze to make a cut with this pair. The pointy, sharp blades are curved, so they’re great for ripping out stitches (ohhhh do I have to do this all the time) for piecers and long arm quilting. We’re serious. These will be the best snips you ever own.


— Posted by Stacy


2 responses to “Snip Eze

  1. I love these little snipz and I need a new pair. It’s funny because I worked for a dentist years ago in the front office. One of the assistants recommended scissors like these because she knew I sewed and ordered some for me from a dental supplies catalogue.

  2. Have them and love them! Can’t sew without them!

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