Gum Drop Pillows

Well, friends, it wouldn’t be the holiday season if it wasn’t also the flu season. So can you guess where I spent the last four days? That’s right. In bed, sick. Sadly the blog has been a bit neglected. But I’m planning my comeback strategy and we will be getting you a rush of Christmas Gift Ideas at top speed. Stay healthy out there.

This project is perfect for kids, teens, or even your college-bound children and grandchildren. They fit in any playroom, bedroom, or dorm room and can be for both boys and girls. Well, that covers just about half my gift list! And here we have it: Gum Drop Pillows.

We have three Gum Drop Pillows in the shop at our Toy Table. The kids literally dive-bomb these super-squishy pods once they see them and are perfect for sitting on at a low table. You can use a variety of fabric — our mid-weight twill fabric is perfect for these — or a 100% cotton. We used fiberfill in the middle to give them a really firm, but bouncy structure, and here’s another tip. You can save a little cash if you save your plastic grocery bags. Stuff a bag with bags, and put it in the center of your pillow. Stuff the fiberfill around the outside, and you’re done!

Toy Table
The best part is they are so easy to make. The pattern we used is called “gum drop pillows” by Amy Butler and includes instructions for both a 24” and an 18” pillow. You can buy it in our online store. There are only a few left, so grab ’em while you still can!

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4 responses to “Gum Drop Pillows

  1. Loved the table full of toys that you have provided for the little shoppers when we were in the other day…I’ll have to get brave and bring the Grandson to terrorize it!

  2. How do you get yours not to rip out at the seams? I made one a few months ago from the heavy twill fabric (Freebird by MoMo) and the first time I picked it up, a seam literally ripped as I was holding it. Now, of course, there are more ripped seams from the kids playing on it. Do I need to use a stronger thread? I’m going to take it apart and reinforce the seams, I think.

  3. We have found that the pillows don’t last forever. Kids play on our pillows every day and we had the same problem with the seams. Two of our pillows were retired a few months ago. We had to keep stitching the holes up! I think reinforcing the seams would prolong the life of the pillow, though.

  4. Which size did you make here? Love it!

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