New Quilting Toys

I’ve got  a brand new “toy!”  plus a new quilting technique I thought I’d share. The toy isn’t meant for quilting; it’s actually an applique template that you’re supposed to use to cut perfect, flowing leaves. But, I bought it just to make perfect flowing feather spines. I love it!

Marking a feather spine

This past week I finished quilting a custom quilt, and my new toy made it so easy to mark the spines with a nice curve–all I had to do was then fill in the feathers.  My favorite marking tool for light fabrics is a blue “mark b-gone” water erase pen.

On the white cream borders, I tried a new idea I saw a while ago on another quilt. Of course my memory was a little foggy, so I was making some of it up as I went along!  This technique worked so well I had several folks ask me if it was trapunto when they saw the finished quilt–and no, it isn’t!

I used a template to mark a rose  with my blue pen, then made a first pass through the border stitching on the lines from the template. Next I outlined the design with a 1/2″ echo. And then the fun began! I “scribble” stitched a back and forth line, filling in the echo. A little water squirt took out the marking, and I had a gorgeous border design. It came out pretty well, if I do say so myself!

Here’s one more photo of the border without the marking:


Posted by Karen

3 responses to “New Quilting Toys

  1. That’s a winner. Need to get one. Are you selling them? I’m putting it in my Feb. budget.

  2. Kathlene, we do sell them in the store and we can always special order them for you if you know you will be needing one.

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