What Day Is It?

Do you know what day it is? Karen never does. Imagine her surprise when this morning she awoke to six-inches of new snow. A shock to someone who thinks it is October. The perfect gift for someone who’s world is zipping by is a calendar. And what could be better for a quilter than one with photos to drool over? No, it’s not chocolate or the latest male hotties. You (and the quilter on your gift list) will love the inspiring photos in any of these calendars.


We have several varieties in our online store. I use mine to keep track of the projects I’ve got going on and what I need to sew for the blog. I’m an organized girl, you see. I would be lost and way behind schedule without one. And the best part? Unlike those widely used digital calendars, I get a lot of satisfaction of actually crossing out each day….especially when I’m counting down to something. How many days until Christmas, you ask? TWENTY-THREE. Thank you, handy dandy wall calendar. (Did I mention they’re QUILT THEMED?!)

— Posted by Stacy


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