Rag Scarf

Annnndddd we’re off. In case you didn’t see last week’s blog entry (and CONTEST!), today we begin our Twenty Days of Christmas Gift Ideas, where we bring you a new gift idea every weekday leading up to Christmas. We’ll be covering gifts of all shapes and sizes for every person on your list, so check us out.

Without further delay, we present to you our very first gift idea. A rag scarf! Della made one last month and Karen has been wearing it ever since (especially when it finally started snowing!) It’s a great “one size fits all” idea and can be made in just a few hours.

Here’s how you do it:

  • You will need at least five ¼ yard cuts of an assortment of flannels or woven fabrics.
  • From your fabric, cut twenty-four 7” squares.
  • Pair two squares with wrong sides together. Pair up twelve “sets” of two squares.  Sew sets together with a ½” seam allowance –make all  seams on the same side. Sew ½” around the edge of the whole scarf.
  • Clip the seams, and the edges, every ¼” with care not to clip through the seam or edge sewing. Using the tips, not the crotch, of very sharp scissors is best.
  • Wash and dry a few times for the rag effect.

Finished size is 72” x 6”. Add more squares if you want it longer, or you can layer up three flannel squares if you’d like it thicker and heavier.

Rag Scarf

Karen Styling the Scarf

— Posted by Stacy


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