New Use for Common Object

Coffe Mate
Check out this coffee creamer. What comes to mind? Coffee (that one was easy)…I need to clean out my fridge….or maybe just YUCK! Pretty average stuff, though, right? You might even have some in your kitchen. (I can hear you all screaming at your computer screens “get to the QUILTING already!!”) Well, dear readers, we’ll get to the point. We love to find uncommon uses for common household objects, especially if it makes our sewing better. And we have a little secret use for these coffee creamer bottles that we think you’ll love.

I have learned over the years that it really does matter what kind of water you put in your iron (who knew?!). The instructions for my iron say to use regular tap water – not distilled or softened water. Lucky me, my tap water is softened. Which means every time I need water for my iron, I have to fill up a jug of water from a tap of un-softened water all the way in the basement.  Have you ever tried to fill up your iron from a gallon milk jug? Trust me, it’s not easy.

Thankfully, I found a better way of doing things. A student in one of my beginning quilt classes said she used coffee creamer bottles to fill up her iron. They work great, even if you don’t have to worry about crawling down to the basement to get un-softened water. The coffee creamer bottle has a tight lid and a spout. Wow, no more spills on my ironing board! And it’s so convenient to have an ample supply of water right by your board. That means less trips to the faucet to fill up!

So, here’s what you do. It’s so simple. First, buy a liquid coffee creamer. Make a whole pot of coffee and use up the creamer (think of all you’ll get accomplished!) Wash it out thoroughly and remove the label (it looks better this way).  Annnddd…Voila! You have your own Ironing Board Companion. It’s amazing what you can learn from those beginning students!


Clean out the creamer.

Make A Snip

Use scissors to snip into the label.

Tear Off Label

Tear off the label.


A perfect little spout!

Della Pouring

We love our ironing board companions!

Happy sewing,



2 responses to “New Use for Common Object

  1. Great idea and easy to carry to retreats, I bet.

  2. too cute…..
    i use a water bottle…. love your idea – you could ??modge podge funky fabric on the outside??

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