What’s Your Gift Idea?

Okay, crafty ladies. The season of giving is upon us and it’s our time to shine. Whether you’re new to the sewing world or a seasoned veteran, you can impress your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers with your unique, thoughtful, one-of-a-kind presents. And we’re here to help for any of you with a little gifter’s-block. Stuck on what to give your husband, uncle or long-lost cousin? Are your friends’ closets already bursting with your fabulous quilts and looking for something different this year? Starting next week the Quilt Expressions Blog is getting creative and bringing you the 20 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas. We’ll throw out one project idea every weekday so you’ll have your gift making done in no time.

But first, we have to ask. What are you making this holiday season? What are your gift ideas? And here’s the fun part — a contest. So, our blogger friends, comment here with your holiday gift idea and our panel of Quilt Expressions experts will pick our favorite project to win a Fruitcake layer cake by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics. We’ll pick our winner on the morning of December 15th, so don’t delay!

Fruitcake Layer Cake

Best gift idea wins the prize!

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23 responses to “What’s Your Gift Idea?

  1. I am making pieced snowman ornaments for all my Sister Chicks at work!

  2. I’m working on quite a few different gifts — zipper bags in varying sizes, composition book covers with matching book thongs, items for little boys (gadget bags and stuffies and Christmas soft books), pillowcases, pet quilts with the pet’s name on them, some cross-stitched Britty Kitty/Puppy ornaments – I have a few things done and a ton to GET done!

    For our oldest son’s girlfriend (she’s 22) I thought I’d do a baking set. I’m going to make a pink girly apron and matching set of hotpads, and will pair them with pink bakeware – mixing bowl and spatula, a pink lidded baking dish if I can find one, and the ingredients for brownies so she can make them for our son 😉 (If I can’t find a baking pan with a pink lid, I may try using that etching cream stuff to etch her name on the bottom of a regular baking dish).

  3. I have 3 adult children, and I made them new Christmas tree skirts. These will be given to them on Thanksgiving! I do theme pillowcases for the Grand children for Christmas. New Years, Valentines, St. Paddies, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving , Christmas and a special one of their favorite thing or sport. They wear them out from the previous year 🙂

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…a welcome break from working on Thanksgiving Dinner!
    In addition to the snowman ornaments that I posted quickly yesterday, The 3 little homespun elves my wonderfully wicked friend, Vicki, & I made for our OR Department wreath are done and peering down at everyone who visits the Festival of Trees this weekend. The two of us are now working on a Nativity Wallhanging for our boss. She looks to her faith to meet the challenges of each day in the O.R. and ministers to all of us when we, or our loved ones, are going through the ups and downs of life.

    A crib size quilt for my so totally adorable grandson is on my design wall, ready for horsie borders. There’s also a Christmas Stocking to embellish for our little cowboy! I have been a good Grammie and am teaching him the joy of colors, shapes & fabric fondling. He is quite the tactile child & loves to hold fat quarters in his chubby little hands…when he’s not into every kitchen cabinet and drawer…

    Another goal is to get fun pillowcases made for my 5 kids, son-in-law, hubby and an extra snuggly one for that silly baby boy!

    I’m trying to decide on a project for my daughter & her husband, as they will hopefully be bidding farewell to apartment life & moving into their first home in a week or so. Maybe a dated wallhanging or tree skirt for this new milestone.

    Then what to do for the 4 legged “Grandchildren”…& my precious new little girl who came to us via a recent rescue situation…a new little blessing, full of love & sweetness, who we are very grateful to have in our lives on this day of Thanks…I’m thinking Doggie Beds & Scrappy Toy Mice?

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  6. I’m working on an owl pincushion for a quilty friend and 2 stockings for my new granddaughters. I also have a wall hanging using a Christmas-y version of musical instruments with children singing on the back for a friend who does the children’s choir at her church.

  7. I am making quilted wine bags to take wine to all the wonderful people that invite us to dinner during the season. I am also making little wall hangings with Christmas scenes in the middle and framed with different Christmas squares. I find a scene I like and print it on fabric, then use it for the center. I am also making little glam bags to give my gifts in this year.

  8. Judy Bollschweiler

    I have made 4 Christmas quilts this season. They are rag quilts in 6″ blocks of Christmas flannel. They have an adorable poem with each of them to help little children remember the true meaning of Christmas. I made them 7 blocks by 7 blocks and ragged all the edges. Very cute.
    Christmas Quilt
    It’s finally here, the month of December
    It’s time to make memories we’ll long remember
    So mom and dad this very night
    In the Christmas quilt will wrap up tight.

    The next night will be Lilli’s turn;
    The oldest child this spot does earn.
    The third night the quilt on Maggie’s bed will be.
    And she’ll dream of baby Jesus soon to see.

    The next night Emily will wrap up tight
    So she can know the joy of Christmas is right.
    Then Katie get’s to feel the Christmas wonder.
    The cycle repeats, with more Christmas quilt slumber.

    The Christmas quilt warmth will come to full flower
    When the family all gathers for a Christmas Eve hour.
    We’ll leave the quilt under the tree as a bed
    So the sweet baby Jesus will have a place for his head.

    The quilt represents all the wonderful feelings of the Christmas season, especially the Savior’s love for our family. Just like this quilt wrapped securely and comfortingly around our family, the Savior’s arms are wrapped around each of us as he watches over and cares for us. I know that He loves us and just as the quilt gives us warmth, the gospel of Jesus Christ will bring warmth into our hearts.

  9. My best gift idea is a gift certificate. There is nothing more, except maybe cash, that I like getting. That way no one has to worry about getting that really bad gift and trying to exchange it without a receipt.

  10. I love making Christmas pillowcases for my Adult friends. I make a set of two matching pillowcases and gift them to friends who have a “child-like” heart. Of course, I made a set for me and my honey:)

  11. Table runners and table centerpieces, some with matching coasters. All from Christmas fabric and panel stash.
    Include a note saying it’s OK to regift if you want.
    I have a camera at last. My daughter will be here for the Holiday and she will teach me how to download pictures. Yeah!

  12. Love that Christmas Quilt poem, Judy.

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  13. I am making purses in the embroidery hoop for my friends. I am putting a small package of kleenex, nail file and a gift card for Coffee. The grandkids are getting crayon carrying bags with coloring books. Easy to take and amuse their self while waiting for food.

  14. Aprons Aprons Aprons! Thank you for the chance to win a layer cake, which, or course would make a wonderful!!!! QUILT! for a gift. Original huh.

  15. I’ busy making aprons with coffee themes and I am making dropcloth drape for a large window.

  16. Annette DeFries

    I’m making a darling 3-D pillow using two charm packs. I’m planning on giving it to my Mother-in-Law with of course, a gift card from Quilt Expressions!

  17. I am working on a bag, it is turning out really cute, but moving slow because I am putting it together from scratch with no pattern and I am loving it! Too bad it is for my sister!

  18. I’m making lots of gifts this year, but one of the most fun is a CASSEROLE COVER, which my aunt Ellie taught me to make. I’ll send another email with photos. I have done a couple in Steelers fabrics, too, since we live near Pittsburgh. They are a big hit when you walk in to a party with goodies wrapped up so sweetly.

  19. I’m making several table runners from the ‘Memories’ pattern purchased at the store. I’m having so much fun choosing colors and putting together color combinations that really stretch me since I would have never chosen those color combinations before! Quilt Expressions shop has already quilted four of them for me and I’m not stopping with just those four, I’ve got two more planned at least. And I had to make a tree skirt this year and can’t wait to see that quilted! I’m having so much fun since I just got a new Viking Topaz!

  20. I’m working on matching fleece neck scarves and hand sleeves (fingers open for texting). The scarves fold around your neck and slip into the other end of itself and have a zippered pocket for taking along your keys or a small money stash. They are embellished with beads and/or contrast zippers and are fast and easy to do. Warm and practical.

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