Welcome to Quilting Heaven

….where Karen may not be an angel but the rest of us definitely are. Check out our last entry for photos featuring our long-awaited moving day. In just a short time we’ve whipped the store into shape and have some incredible displays to show off. Take a virtual tour through our fabulous new shop and feel free to give us all a pat on the back for a few weeks of laborious work. Be careful not to drool on your keyboards.

Overhead View

The view from our second-story office. The quilts are finally up on our custom faux-balconies!

Batik Wall

We've dedicated an entire wall to our beautiful batiks.

Color Wall

Opposite the batik wall, we have the color wall.

Design Table

A new feature! We now have ample space on our "design tables" for you to set down and compare your fabrics.

Second Station

We now have a full-sized second cutting table so we can sprrrreeeadddd outttt!

Cash Wrap

Here's the other half of the store -- our "warm & cozy" fabrics section, the main cutting station and our machines.

Long Arms

Five long arms? Absolutely! Come rent a machine for a day.

Fat Quarters

Fat quarters! Fat quarters! We've got plenty.

Class Space

Our new fabric shelves are on WHEELS so making room for our events is a sinch. Here's this week's Stashbusters group

Stop by sometime. It’s always a party at Quilt Expressions.

— Posted by Stacy.


2 responses to “Welcome to Quilting Heaven

  1. This is a wonderful store. Wish I lived close enough to visit.

  2. Looks great, I wish I lived closer too!! Did I see a photo of the shipping department? rofl

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