Moving Day

So, here we are. We’ve landed. The girls at Quilt Expressions have gone digital and there’s no turning back now.

Our fun little group of bloggers are ready to jump into action and will be bringing you new entries every week covering all-things quilting. Look forward to the best sewing secrets, giveaways for our dedicated followers, the latest projects from our fabulous team and an insiders’ peak to our latest fabric collections. You can also spy on what’s going on in the shop, including ideas from our “cookie cocktail” events and the brilliant quilts our friends and customers are working on.

Have you heard the news? Quilt Expressions has MOVED its location! After a few years in “cozy” quarters, we’ve reached our quilt shop heaven in a spacious 6,600 foot building with mile-high ceilings and skylights that makes the whole shop glow. We’ve barely missed a step in the transition and have all the long-arm machines buzzing along, customers scooping up armloads of newly discovered bolts while we’ve even managed to get several brand-new collections on the floor. Check out our online store to see the latest.


Wonder what it looks like to move 5,000+ bolts of fabric? We took lots of photos of our able-bodied moving crew as they carried piles upon piles of bolts back and forth between the shop and our 26-foot truck.  Finishing the move in just under six hours, it was almost as easy as a wiggle of the nose a la Bewitched (although unpacking was another story…)


Laying sheets and quilts on the floor, we started unloading our mountain of fabric in good spirits.


And the pile got bigger...


... and BIGGER ...


Karen lays more quilts down to make room on the floor as the moving nears an end.


The winner! JF carries the most bolts from the truck.


Annnd we’re finished. Can you believe this is only HALF of the new store?

And now, for the fun part! What’s better than shop talk and witty online banter? Free stuff! Make a comment to this blog entry with your first name and email address and you will be entered to win six fat quarters from the new collection everyone is talking about — Miniatures by Windham Fabrics! Our winner will be chosen on November 1st, so don’t delay. Invite your friends to check us out and maybe they’ll share the winnings if our random number generator favors them over you.


The complete Miniatures line.

— Posted by Stacy


70 responses to “Moving Day

  1. Can’t wait to come in & see this great new location! I have been to each of your previous locations and each one gets better than the next.

  2. The new store looks fabulous!!!
    I wish I lived near you!
    Love Miniatures colors.

  3. I can’t wait to see the new store!

  4. Colleen Amarillas

    Congratulations on your new space!! Wouldn’t it be fun to roll around in all the bolts of fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! So much fabric and a giveaway.

    Love it,


  6. Love the new store! So bright and cheery!

  7. Wow! You have some awesome helpers, huh? You should have had a raffle to figure out how many hours it would take to move the bolts from Point A to Point B. What a cool thing that would have been, huh? And your new location looks awesome. I can’t wait to see it once you’ve got everything all set up. And in the midst of all you’ve got going on, you’ve got a giveaway??? I’m so impressed! dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. Your new location looks so bright and cheery! Can’t wait to visit and shop:):)
    After sewing for many years, I have caught the quilting bug. Best wishes in your new store.

  9. Madeleine Trainor

    The place is wonderful I especially like the skylights. And it’s even closer to my usual haunts. Madeleine

  10. I’m excited to come and see your new store the next time I am in Boise. It looks super.

  11. Congratulations on your big new store! Wish I didn’t live halfway across the country – I’d sure like to come visit. I love the fabric you are giving away – such pretty colors!

  12. I’m excited to come and see your new store the next time I am in Boise.

  13. It looks like an inspiring (see all those fabrics) but exhausting job (moving all those fabrics). Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Best of luck at your new location and I’ll be visiting from the internet 🙂

  14. Congratulations on this latest move! It is exciting to watch your business growing. Love the new location.

  15. Love your new store! I love to do PPed miniatures and the small prints would be grand! Living in the middle of nowhere, fabric and notion shopping on the internet has saved my sanity, LOL!

  16. Looks like a great store. Can’t wait to visit.

  17. Wow, this looks like a wonderful space. Wish I could visit.

  18. Just visited your new store today — it’s wonderful! So bright, so BIG, so fun. I will definitely visit more often. The blog looks wonderful too.

  19. Wow, what a lovely store, you are going to have so much fun setting it all up. I wish I lived near you , I think I’d have to bring a packed lunch with me. Just love all the fabrics; good luck.

  20. Karen and crew, your new store is wonderful! So bright and cheery and the fabric is so easy to comb through. And, I love the new location closer into town.

  21. Can’t wait to see the new store! Congratulations!

  22. Hmmmmmmmm fondling all that fabric sounds like heaven to me, lol! Best of luck with your new store and new blog – I’ve added you to my blog reader so I can follow you, and I’d love to enter your giveaway, thank you!

    Sandra (Canada) 🙂

  23. Your new store looks great! Very bright and open. I wished I lived close enough to visit, but Georgia is a long way away. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on the new blog. I have signed up to follow it and look forward to learning new things.

  24. I have shopped and loved all your locations. This one will be fantastic too.
    Heaven in a building!!!!! Love Love Love the miniatures.

  25. Quilt Expressions is my favorite quilt store and I LOVE that you have expanded! The new store is wonderful!!!

  26. OMG!! What a haul. You have some great helpers for sure. May you enjoy your new store and have many good hours lots of fun memories when all is said and done! Welcome home ! Patchall

  27. wow! new store! new blog! new fabrics! Congratulations all the great happenings. Wished I was closer to see all in person. Looking forward to following the blog. Renie

  28. Karen, Della and crew, You are absolutely amazing! To move that many bolts and all the other supplies, in such a short time is incredible. The photos look great. I can hardly wait to get there to see how beautiful it is in person. Best of luck and congratulations. OK, you win the prize for the biggest and best quilt shop ever. See you soon, Myrna

  29. Yea! The store is wonderful. Now the light shows the colors of the fabric so well I left with yards and yards of new fabric. You won’t be able to resist!!!

  30. What a fantastic space. Can’t wait to see how it looks when you’ve finished setting up. Keep us posted with lots more pictures. Best of luct with the new store and blog.

  31. Love your new store-it’s so bright and cheerful! All the finished quilts are a delight to look at for inspiration. Your fabric selection is wonderful and is so easy to see in the new roomy space.

  32. It looks fabulous, you all did a great job! Since we are road traveling, new experience folks we will be swinging out your way this summer. This will be a definite stop. See you then

  33. WOW! I can’t wait to come visit your new location. Congratulations on moving upward and onward to a big store. Looks like you have lots of new fabrics that I don’t own … yet!

  34. What a great looking store! Would love to travel the 200 miles to see it. Hope your new space works well for you and all your customers.

  35. Enjoy your new home – looks fabulous! (And I thought I had a lot of fabric!)

  36. Wow, it looks terrific even before it is all put together. I especially love the quilt Karen is dragging across the floor. Is that made from Kaffe?

  37. Free is ALWAYS FUN! Love the new store!

  38. You guys are awesome. It is so fun coming to your store and seeing new and exciting things … which will only be better now you have a bigger location. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  39. Since you moved from your “cozy quarters” to this huge expanse of space, it looks like you are going to have to fill it up with what else, MORE FABRIC! A dream most every quilter would love to do. When your store is finally set up, please post photos for all to see. Wish you well and success in your new shop. Sherry

  40. So much to sew, so little time. The photos make me want to come on in and select yet another project. Congratulations on your move, and the blog is a great idea. Enjoy!

  41. I’m so excited with the location of your new store, even closer to home than ever. I’ll be seeing you soon.

  42. Wow, that was SOME MOVE! Your new location looks fabulous! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you post on your blog now too!

  43. OOOO-Like my mama used to say small things come in big packages–In this case minatures in a big new wonderful store–Congratulations–space is great. Thx for the giveaway–I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Nancy

  44. I am looking forward to visiting the new location. It looks wonderful. Great job in getting it all there in record time. Congrats!

  45. Good job! The new store looks great. I haven’t been in yet, but will be soon.

  46. I’ll be over to see you soon. Meanwhile, go ahead and send me those winning fabrics 😉

  47. Perry asked about the quilt Karen is dragging about the floor (no quilts were injured in the move!). It is mostly from Kaffe fabrics–the pattern is “Twinkle” bu Sew Be It.

  48. Congratulations on your new space and new blog! Both look just great! It’s wonderful to see private craft businesses thriving in this scary financial climate. Best wishes to you for future prosperity.

  49. Congratulations on your new space and new blog! Both look just great! It’s wonderful to see private craft businesses thriving in this scary financial climate. Best wishes to you for future prosperity.

  50. I love all of your fabric , it is my favorite quilt store. I will visit often since it is near my house. Good luck in your new location!

  51. How EXCITING!!! I can hardly wait to step foot into the new shop and say HI to everyone. I love the pictures, keep them coming. Looking forward to hearing back from you that I won the “Free Stuff”.

  52. Ooooh! What a lot of work that was for all of you. You must have a marvelous crew because the could even take time to “clown” a bit for the pictures. What a great job you did and now even have a blog. The Miniatures fabric are lovely. It would be a great pleasure to be picked. Your blog sounds like it will be one of the best. Keep up the great work.

  53. Gosh there are a lot of us Nancy’s…we should have a quilt support group! I know for sure that, that Nancy Miller has suffered from Quiltus Addictus for many many years…one of her “Angels from Hell” is still hanging around my house…amongst other treasures from her creative little hands! Vicki and I felt so privileged to attend 9 patch night and get a sneak peak of the new QE location. It’s so funny to look at that old Schucks location and realize how much space there is in that “little” bldg. I stood there envisioning the wicked Mrs. H. sitting up in her Crows Nest behind her one way window keeping watch over her longarm machines…ready to swoop down to protect them from harm! We look forward to Saturday Demos with Abbott and Costello, ‘er Della and Karen, but with a bit more elbow room…and slightly less fear that Mrs H. will take a ruler to us if we begin to fidget too much or make us sit in the corner when we arrive late!
    Congratulations Guys!

  54. Nancy B from Many LA

    You started a new blog,
    and moved in a new store!
    Congratulations! are in order,
    need I say any more?

    I will say thank you very much,
    for hosting this giveaway.
    It ‘s one I’m hopeful I will win,
    T’would truly make my day!

  55. Congratulations on your new location! The new Miniature line
    is beautiful. Best Wishes for your business.

  56. Wow! This is going to be one great store. I love to see large quilt stores. More fabric to look over and buy. Great looking blog too!

  57. Pingback: Welcome to Quilting Heaven | Quilt Expressions Blog

  58. WOW…What an AWESOME shop you will have…Will have to travel up there to see it in person…Congrats on the MOVE…and I LOVE the Minatures Fabric…MUST get me SOME!!

  59. Annette DeFries

    It looks like I need to stop in next time I’m in Boise.

  60. Love the new store! All the space makes it so appealing to spend lots of time shopping. I’ve got my eye on the Habitat fabrics.

  61. The new store looks wonderful!

  62. Can’t wait to see the wall of batiks. Loved the photos of the fabric stacks on the floor. Your bright shop is even brighter. I’ll be there soon!

  63. I just found your site, now I need to find your shop! Will be in US in 2years so have plenty of time! Would love to wander and wander, till then I guess I stick to getting parcels in the mail. All the best in your new shop.

  64. It looks like soooo much fun! Can’t wait to get in!

  65. Yeah for quilt expressions! I was able to see the new place yesterday! Love it. Thanks for the chance to win some lovely fabrics!

  66. I love the new location! So roomy and bright. And plenty of parking. I look forward to spending a lot of time there.

  67. Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do
    you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks

  68. I enjoyed the pictures of your move. It brought back memories of when I organized a public library for its move to a new larger building. It sounds like your move was at least as exciting, and your new products are beautiful.

  69. What a dream – to work in a fabric store. You’ve done a great job.

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